Zur Geschichte des Zappers
The Zapper and its history

More about the history of the Diamond Shield and why it stands out from others of its kind.

Was der Zapper alles kann

How does the Zapper work?

Learn more about the functioning of the Zapper and its effects.

Sanftes Heilen mit harmonischen SchwingungenGentle Healing

The perfect replenishment for your frequency therapy from home.

Das diamantene Schutzschild
The diamond shield

How important is our body’s defense system and how can we strengthen it?

Impuls-Entladung durch den Zapper
Impulse discharge

What actually is impulse discharge and what do I need it for?

KonstantstromConstant current control

The revolution of the Zapper technology and why it is so important.

Wobbel mit dem Diamond Shield ZapperWobbeling

The novelty of the Diamond Shield Zapper IE! It is finally able to wobble.

Zapper ElektrodenMicro currents

The Diamond Shield will take you to a whole new dimension of regulation.


Plate zapping

Even plate zapping is easily possible with the Diamond Shield Zapper!

Dr. Hulda Clark, Erfinderin des Clark-ZappersThe Clark Zapper

The original version of the Zapper which could be successfully extended.

Alan E. BaklayanHarmonic oscillation according to Baklayan

What do the Pythagorean theorem and the theory of harmony have to do with the Zapper?


The Zappikator is used to energize food. By Dr. Hulda Clark.