What is the difference between the Diamond Shield and the Crystal Zapper?

While the Diamond Shield Zapper, as the name indicates, is a basic treatment to protect the body from the outside against all influences as a shield by flushing the meridians, creating a better flow, and through the energy network of the body readjusts healing processes, the Crystal Zapper assigns around each acupuncture point each meridians all structures and the ones …

What is new about the Crystal Zapper?

Among other, new special features were built in, such as the memory function, the very useful keylock and alarm clock function. The electrode belt ensures effective deep cleansing of the meridians, i.e. supports the new Crystal program, with includes 2 sequences with a total of 252 frequency programs (duration about 100 minutes).

What is the difference to the Diamond Shield Zapper Professional?

The Diamond Shield Zapper Professional is a frequency device, intended for professional therapists. It is programmable and can thus create individual treatment programs and can save them on ChipCards which the patient is then able to use at home on his own ordinary Diamond Shield Zapper.

What kinds of innovations are included in the Diamond Shield Zapper programs?

 impulse discharge (soothing grounding) wobbling (this means that not only a single frequency is selected, but the possibility exists to cover entire areas) micro currents (up to 0.1 volts) for supporting or regulatory programs Diamond Shield: the protective shield for your health constant current control modulating: 2- to 254-fold modulation harmonic oscillations according to Baklayan  

What are the ChipCards all about?

In addition to the already subsequently large scope of delivery of 17 pre-installed programs that come with the Diamond Shield Zapper IE, you can also purchase separate ChipCards with which you can even expand its treatments. They are also available in our online shop. For information on the use of the available ChipCard programs, please refer to the eBook “Gentle …

How many programs does the Diamond Shield Zapper have?

There are already 17 major programs with a total of 116 frequencies included in the Diamond Shield Zapper: Clark-, Rife-, Beck- and Baklayan frequencies Furthermore, it is possible to purchase many more programs for specific applications on separately available ChipCards or to use programs personally created and programmed onto the ChipCard by the therapist.