What do I have to take into account when looking at the technical requirements for a Zapper?

  1. 1. Basically, a Zapper should be adjustable between 0.1 to 16 volts in small steps.
  2. 2. The entire frequency spectrum of the Rife and Clark frequencies should be integrated in a Zapper already.
  3. 3. The frequencies must be stable and may only produce a small jitter (“wobble”).
  4. 4. It must be ensured that the Zapper produces a pure square wave with a positive offset.
  5. 5. Under no circumstances must induction coils be incorporated in this therapeutic device!
  6. 6. Grounding and impulse discharge can already give great relief in many applications, probably because we are nowadays constantly overcharged, that you should not forgo this opportunity.
  7. 7. Dr. Clark has specified frequency ranges for many loads in her lists, which can be used for optimum effect through the wobble function.
  8. 8. For a deeper range of frequencies the frequencies should be modulated.

(referring to Alan E. Baklayan, “Gentle Healing with harmonic oscillation”, p. 136+137)