What is the difference to the Diamond Shield Zapper Professional?

The Diamond Shield Zapper Professional is a frequency device, intended for professional therapists. It is programmable and can thus create individual treatment programs and can save them on ChipCards which the patient is then able to use at home on his own ordinary Diamond Shield Zapper.

Where can I purchase the Zapper?

Quite simply here in our shop: The Diamond Shield Zapper online shop Here you can not only purchase our Diamond Shield Zapper, but all accessories as well, such as ChipCards and electrodes.

What is Plate Zapping?

During normal zapping fine streams with specific frequencies are passed through the body either via metal wristbands or hand electrodes. During Plate Zapping an additional metal plate, on which the corresponding ampules and drops as carriers of filter information can be placed, will be interposed into the feeding current path.

What is frequency therapy?

The electrical frequency therapy is a bioenergetic method. Fine electric currents with targeted frequencies are used here to enhance the well-being and alleviate symptoms.

What is a Zapper?

A Zapper is a device for bioenergetic treatment according to Dr. Hulda Clark. It can be used for risk-free support at home, as well as accompanying bio-resonance therapy by experienced therapists. The Zapper model, which was developed by Dr. Clark is completely harmless for the human body and generates frequency patterns that energize the body and balances and regulates the …