Is there a manual on how to use the Zapper?

Thanks to its clearly arranged display and a simple user interface the Zapper is easy to handle. However, those who are looking for a deeper level of knowledge and would like to learn more about the need for discharge and the energetic system of our meridians, which must be kept in balance, please refer to the eBook “Gentle Healing with …

Where can I use the Zapper?

You can use it quite simply from home! With its space-saving design and its extremely easy use absolutely everybody can get a Diamond Shield Zapper for at home. Through the metal wristband the Diamond Shield Zapper can also be used comfortably during sedentary occupations (because of the grounding cable). And because of the fact that it is so handy and …

How do I attach the electrodes?

The Zapper has either two stainless steel electrodes, which you take in both hands or a pair of metal wristbands. For special applications (TENS pain therapy) also silicone electrodes, e. g. for the back, are available. In case of problems below the navel, the electrodes can also be used on the soles of the feet.

How do I use the Zapper?

General universal application: connect the hand electrodes or metal wristband insert the special plug into your socket to be grounded turn on the device select the program from the standard menu or from the ChipCard start the program adjust the intensity as needed at the end of the program, you should, if possible, stay grounded for another 50 min

What effect does the Zapper have?

You can use the Zapper with the frequency programs developed by Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and health practitioner Baklayan. 17 major programs are already included in the Diamond Shield Zapper and more can be purchased on separately available ChipCards. It is also applicable with Plate Zapping and the 2-plate method according to Baklayan. Thanks to a clearly arranged …