Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard Tum – Tumor

New chip card generation

HP Baklayan came up with the simple idea of charging acupuncture points with their own frequency through micro currents when they are exhausted. In other words, when these individual mini-batteries are empty.

This gave rise to a new generation of ChipCards that can have a very impressive effect on the overall exhausted, overworked and chronically ill people of today.

The effect of this ChipCard is based on the calculations of the Harmonical Frequency Procedure according to Baklayan. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated the exact frequency range of each TCM meridian and then, within each meridian, the frequency of all acupuncture points.

Each TCM ChipCard consists of an individual selection of acupuncture points that, based on their indications, corresponds to the pattern.

ChipCard Tum - Tumor

The Tum-ChipCard consists of a special combination of precisely calculated frequencies of acupuncture points that affect the symptom complex of tissue compaction and neoplasms.

A tumor stands at the end of a pathogenetic sequence (disease process), which sometimes stays unnoticed for quite a while and only materializes as a tumor after a long time. The ChipCard Tum aims to re-tonify some strategic acupuncture points that are severely deficient within this long course of disease - in an attempt to stop this disease process.


The ChipCard does not replace diagnosis and therapy with therapy concept and controls. It creates a good basis so that the body is able to process a systematic therapy better.

Effect of Tum-CC

-  Spleen Meridian

As a representative of the functional circle earth (the center of man) some selected points of the spleen meridian. The meridian is generally used in case of decrease of vitality and some of its points have compaction and hardenings as indication. Let us not forget that the spleen also has an influence on the lymphatic flow.

-  Small Intestine Meridian

It is generally used for energetic weakness and coldness. As an indication of the point selection we find ulcers.

-  Bladder Meridian

Accumulation of cold moisture (precancerous loads) and the selected points have the indications of ulcers, compaction and hardening, edema, lack of vital heat, skin rashes.

-  Kidney Meridian

According to TCM conception the site of the material basis of the human being and the selected points with the indications compaction, hardenings, neoplasms (cancer).

-  Circulation meridian

It has a general effect on energetic weakness. The selected points include the indications ulcers, swellings.

-  Gallbladder meridian

It shows general effect in coldness and weakness. In the selected points we find the indications ulcers, inflammation, swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit, goiter, swelling and ulceration of the glands.


Daily application followed by at least 20 minutes of grounding.

Supporting measures

  • BiBlo ChipCard
  • FvE ChipCard
  • BR ChipCard
  • Clst ChipCard
  • Detox ChipCard
  • Vitamin C high dose
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Glutathione
  • Juglandis as a parasite cure
  • Papain cure
  • Nutramedix Samento
  • Mannayan Colloidal Silver Water
  • Bitterstern
  • Mannayan Derma-Clean L
  • Mannayan Derma-Clean N

Dosages by a naturopathic therapist.

  • Be sure to follow a sugar-free diet.

Further information

  • Alan E. Baklayan - Parasites
  • Alan E. Baklayan - Cancer - Therapy and Research: Patient script for adjunctive tumor therapy of the Baklayan practice

The Tum-ChipCard is a valuable basic therapy. Depending on the type of carcinogenic load, a precise therapy protocol should be established by an expert therapist.