The new Biowave 42 Zapper with micro currents, EMS

The new Diamond Shield Biowave Zapper ist the ideal product for every zapper newcomer oder bioresonance beginner. You can upgrade your Biowave 42 anytime to a Diamond Shield IE or Diamond Shield Crystal to get even more possibilities.

Biowave 42 Zapper von Alan E. Baklayan

Zapper for beginners

The new Diamond Shield Biowave 42 Zapper is for every newcomer, who does not really know what zapping is, what to expect and if it helps. The great price and easy handling make this new zapper version really special .

Especially that you can upgraded the new Biowave to a Diamond Shield IE Zapper or Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper should be mentioned since with this you can get even more programs and functions to use.

All accessoires for the other Zapper versions like the Diamond Shield Crystal can be used with the Diamond Shield 42. (Old Biowave Chipcards from Biowave 21 LCD or Biowave GS can not be used with this new Biowave version because of its new programming and developed funtions!)

What the Biowave 42 can do:

  • Golden Stream program
  • 13 programs
  • Lime disease program
  • Impuls Discharge

You can expect great technology for ver little money: The new modell costs only 219 €!

You can buy the new Diamond Shield Biowave Zapper here: