Diamond Shield Professional Zapper

The new software and online library Healing Frequency

Healing Frequency
The new software and online library Healing Frequency allows you to create your own chipcard programs with a free program and store them on empty chipcards available separately. The Pro version specifically for therapists offers many other features, including access to expensive frequency libraries and changing existing frequency programs.

The Diamond Shield Professional for therapists and naturopaths

The partner of Diamond Shield Zapper Dermavit created a helpful german video to introduce and explain the Diamond Shield Professional Zapper.

The frequency device for professional therapists

  • easy Zapper operation
  • operating modes in the Zapper basic equipment:
    • 17 17 standard programs with 116 frequencies
      • for example::
        • Diamond Shield
        • 7 – 20 – 7 – 20 – 7 according to Dr. Clark
        • continuous zapping
        • Zappicator
        • Dr. Beck
        • wellness program
        • relaxation program
        • back program
        • BO program
  • impulse discharge
  • harmonic vibrations according to Baklayan
  • frequencies playable from ChipCards
  • frequencies can be entered and programmed to individual ChipCards
  • ChipCards available with different indications
  • wave shape: rectangle
  • positive offset
  • micro currents
  • wobbling (always a full octave) and wobble time adjustable
  • modulation
  • at the same time modulation and wobbling
  • at the same time modulation, wobbling and impulse discharge

Saving the ascertained therapy frequencies onto the ChipCard

  • with the help of the Diamond Shield Professional patient-specific bio-frequencies are saved onto a ChipCard
  • this ChipCard with its individual program, the patient is able to use at home with his Diamond Shield Zapper IE
  • ChipCards can be reprogrammed as often as desired


  • there are ChipCards available with various preprogrammed frequency sequences

Scope of delivery

  • Diamond Shield Professional
  • metal wristbands
  • electrode cable
  • grounding cable
  • 9V battery
  • plastic case