Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper IE EMS

The new Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper – a revolution in application and possibilities of Zapper technology! High quality Zapper with many applications.


New programs:

  • Crystal for depth control of the entire meridian system)
  • Diamond Shield as a universal compensation and regulation application
  • Relaxation
  • Welness
  • Back
  • BO

Novelties that are integrated into the contained standard programs and in the Diamond Shield ChipCard programs:

  • Memory funktion
  • Autostart function with or without audible signal
  • Keylock
  • Wobbling
  • Micro currents (up to 0.1 volts)
  • Constant current control
  • Modulation: from 2 to 254-fold modulation
  • Impulse discharge (grounding) by impulse release and discharge into the ground the effectiveness of all programs is increased by 3 times.. (Utility model protection pending)
  • Diamond Shield: the protective shield for your well-being Regulation, harmonization, activation of all meridians in 8 minutes All frequencies from the precursor programs were modulated and strengthened by its effectiveness.
  • Harmonic oscillation according to Baklayan Relaxation and well-being at all levels

Development of the Crystal Zapper

After natural health professional Baklayan discovered that the frequencies of all the meridians of Chinese acupuncture are related to each other in a mathematical ratio, he developed the harmonic frequency application which by now took the bioenergetic community by assault.

He then asked himself the following question: If all the meridians are in a mathematical ratio to each other, would it not be obvious that all points of an acupuncture meridian follow these laws? His further research confirmed his suspicions. Derived from this, he developed a completely new idea to use the Zapper. Biology is known to consist of structures that must remain in order:

Hydrogen-Bindungen Xiaohui Qiu, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing
Dendritische Zellen (http://www.igb.fraunhofer.de)
Gewebeschnitt menschlicher Kopfhaut

Around each acupuncture point normally there is an electric field, which must remain in order.

These fields are disturbed by anything that does not belong, i.e. all possible pathogenic factors.

To restore these arranged fields that are necessary for the proper functioning of all bodily functions, you only need to let them vibrate in the frequencies that can reappear and structure this arranged field.


To reinforce this effect modulations and other levels have been integrated.

Then these “arranging frequencies” were gradually lined up with exact mathematical time lengths and pauses.
This resulted in a monster program of approximately 100 minutes.

In applying this program all the structures of the entire body are again rearranged during the following hour and forty minutes.

These specific frequencies of the acupuncture points of the body are used to restore the lost structures of the tissue, namely one area after the other, with the acupuncture point as the center.

As a reminder: many points are internally connected to other branches of the meridian system. This makes the application reach the deepest layers of the body.

In Asia for thousands of years it has been known that in the area below the navel, the “sea of energy” is located, as a reservoir of energy for the entire body, by which all meridians are supplied, and return to (but meridians that are connected to the others).

Thanks to a special belt the frequencies in the form of micro currents are directly fed into the “sea of ​​energy” and resonate with the corresponding point, which organizes its surroundings.

And now the incredible sensation:

Bioenergetic tests have shown that in the areas around the acupuncture points all structures (tissue and metabolism) arrange themselves, in other words, all the foreign structures cannot exist there any longer, i.e. environmental toxins, parasites, bacteria, Borrelia, viruses, molds. Nothing that does not belong there can exist there. This is groundbreaking!

The effect is gentle, because during daily use the structures of the body are sorted for a period of time, which leads to the fact that within these structures all sickening loads cannot stay, as they are not part of this structure (analogous to Chladny figures). This creates a deep and thorough cleansing and detoxification of the whole body. The structure of the tissue regains its crystalline arranged structure: therefore I named it “Crystal Zapper”.

The strange thing about the Crystal Zapper is: the longer you use it, the healthier you become.

Explanatory model of the mode of action:

Bioenergetic tests have repeatedly shown that all loads when retested 24 hours after the application of the Crystal Zapper program, always reduce approximately 10 percent compared to the value of the previous day. This process seems to continue for a very long time. In other words, the longer it is applied, the deeper is the effect.



Every day or every second or third day on which this Zapper or this program is used, brings a further and deeper cleansing of the body.

It has been shown that after the coarser loads in the body are not testable anymore because the general structure of the body has adjusted, the next hidden places where these loads stay, are reached.

Typical locations are the intestinal pockets under the layers of fecal materials, sinuses, appendix, tonsils, teeth, middle ears, lymph nodes, joint cartilage (which only have little blood supply). After the outer layers of the tissue have been arranged, it is time for these deeper layers.

In a world in which the loads and environmental toxins increase every day and without ceasing, we should definitely rearrange the structures of our body and daily promote detoxification.

We need to detoxify and cleanse the body constantly. The Crystal Zapper program is an ideal way to detoxify and structure the body more deeply from within.

What is the difference between the Diamond Shield and the Crystal Zapper?

While the Diamond Shield Zapper, as the name indicates, is a basic treatment to protect the body from the outside against all influences as a shield by flushing the meridians, creating a better flow, and through the energy network of the body readjusts healing processes,
the Crystal Zapper assigns around each acupuncture point of each meridian all structures and the ones with which this meridian is connected. It detoxifies this area further and deeper.

So this is the first system in the world that actually cleanses the body deeper yet gently on an energetic basis.


Special Features

  • 1. the Crystal Zapper has a memory function!

This means all programs can be resumed where you stopped at the last session.

  • 2. the Crystal Zapper has a keylock...
  • 3. the Crystal Zapper has an alarm clock function

Up to two different sequences can be set for an automatic start. The start can be set either with or without audible signal; it can also, for example, be set for every other day.

And one more thing:

For all the customers who already have a Diamond Shield Zapper: The Crystal Zapper is also available as “Crystal Zapper ChipCard” which is compatible with the Diamond Shield! More customer satisfaction is not possible. When using the Crystal Zapper the user does not necessarily need to be grounded because the programs run with micro currents, i.e. well below 1 volt, and no negative electric charges and radicals can arise here. So you can run around or even go to bed at night with the invisible belt.

Results discussion

All users are enthusiastic and want to continue, because they feel that there is a lot changing!

Environmental toxins and pathogens hiding in the deepest layers are reached, and gradually and gently discharged until the intracellular space is reached. For this reason and according to similar bioenergetic testings it may take up to 8 months until the cleaning process is complete. The first energetic constitution application of the world. The course is very strongly reminiscent of a constitution application in homeopathy, or Chinese medicine, only that none of these methods have such a consistent and profound impact in such a short time. What we are seeing here, would require years in the classical methods as the homeopathy, yet this depends on the capabilities of the respective therapists, and thus it would be much more expensive. You should not renounce the profound effect of this process. Every “age”, each generation gets exactly the medical procedures and technology which the time needs. This, Mr. Baklayan already wrote in his book: “Parasites – The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases,” in 1998. When the first Zapper came on the market in the late nineties, more started to happen. And now? Achievements are more difficult and less lasting. That is why now the Crystal Zapper technology is available. It corresponds to our time. According to natural health professional Baklayan the multifactorial diseases and disease courses over the next 7 years will be even more difficult. The Crystal Zapper provides an effortless self-running detoxification, regeneration and prevention for everyone.