For a balanced health two elements are required: An impenetrable diamond shield and a regularly conducted discharge.

What is the connection between these two principles?

On our body surface there is a finely woven net of meridians, which transports the life energy Qi. Each of these meridians is an energetic representative and functional circuit of an organ and transports and regulates all the charges of the organs allocated to it. This net is the one that supplies every part and removes everything redundant. So if we daily give the entire meridian system the right IMPULSE through the vibrations that each meridian has and at the same time DISCHARGE, we strengthen the protective shield and virtually free it from harmful contaminants.

Where exactly now does the dirt (charges) go to?

They go where all the discharges of nature go to:


So we just have to stimulate all the meridians in their own frequency,

thus we let the Diamond Shield program do its job:

  • thereby all charges will be resolved in the body and transported – impulse –
  • and by grounding ourselves, we can get rid of these charges – discharge –

Now all the meridians can take over their nurturing and harmonizing function, stimulated by the frequencies of the Diamond Shield program.




It makes sense to extend this helpful feature to other areas


The emergence of certain trends and fashions is not uncommon even in natural healing, because in this field as well the preferences for treatments are affected by a certain zeitgeist. Most of these fads usually disappear after they have reached their peak. However, there are some exceptions, which can include the discovery of the most compelling issue of grounding, although it is more of a rediscovery, as we all certainly have come across with therapeutic applications in this area already – especially, of course, with “walking barefoot on grass” in the context of Kneipp applications.

Especially in our everyday life, in which the use of electricity has become so self-evident, we have neglected an important fact that we can only understand if we recall the following: when walking on insulated floors or with shoes that have plastic soles, it is inevitable that static electricity continuously builds up, which – and here lies the problem –almost does not discharge or cannot be discharged. In addition, both the rising use of electrical appliances, as well as the setting of devices in standby mode have meant that we always find ourselves in a field of electrical tension. This field of electrical tension (alternating current) is even measurable and is located in premises at about 7.5 volts (biologically accepted value is 0.1 volts).

In addition, there is a static charge. In premises with every meter it increases by 200 volts, i.e. per floor with 4 meters, we are exposed to an electric tension of 4 x 200 = 800 volts. People, who, for example, live on the third floor of a building, are exposed to a static charge of 3 x 800 = 2400 volts and that day and night!

In the area of electrons we distinguish between positive and negative, whereas the first group, however, is classified as “bad”, as these act as damaging as radicals on our bodies and therefore must be caught by free-radical scavengers. In contrast, the negative electrons are the “good” ones which our bodies actually need.

This basic knowledge should be sufficient for the further understanding of the topic.

Findings from experiments on grounding suggest the following very impressive phenomenon: after each use of the Zapper and a subsequent grounding of the patient, the values improved in an unprecedented speed! Primarily the patients with very high charges were the ones that responded particularly well to the grounding. This also had the consequence that these people were more open to the electric frequency therapy.

Humans are basically comparable with vessel, which are filled up to the rim with electrical tensions due to today’s flood of information. In order for new information to get in, old information has to be discharged. During the addition of information it has become clear that it is better if the discharge continues and, at the same time, the charging of the “good” negative electrons takes place.

Accordingly, the user of the Zapper should be grounded and should remain in this state for some time, especially after the end of the program. If information, that is, the IMPULSE, is supplied to the person, then, however, no grounding should take place.

Thus, the impulse discharge treatment, short ID (in German IE) has begun. Note: There already exists a registration for an utility patent. Thus, the Diamond Shield Zapper IE is absolutely unique on the market.

The application is extremely easy. The patient only needs the designated grounding cable which he plugs into an ordinary socket. (The ceramic pins of the plug are not conductive but only provide the correct fit in the socket. The contact will be provided only with the protective earth of the socket. However, note that the outlets must be tested to determine beforehand whether the protective earth is included.)

Procedure for grounding with the Diamond Shield Zapper

Simply connect the grounding cable to the Diamond Shield Zapper and insert the special grounding plug into the socket. Abroad, you should get a corresponding commercially available adapter plug.
Warning: this is a plastic connector that only has contact with the grounding; this means that you are not connected to the power line! Check if your socket is grounded (through your electrician or by using a socket tester), otherwise you will lose part of the effect.

Purchase grounding cables from one of the Diamond Shield Zapper partners