Diamond Shield Professional Zapper IE EMS

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How to program the Professional Zapper

Many alternative practitioners and therapists make the experience daily that the patients who come to them often already have an odyssey from one specialist to the other behind them. Their diseases are often chronic and so complex that the origin of the problem cannot be identified.

With bioenergetic testing and frequency therapy according to Dr. Clark, Rife and Baklayan, there are always amazing possibilities. Systematic testing can be used to detect the effects of environmental toxins or parasites, for example, as the causes of complex chronic diseases, even though the effects cannot (yet) be detected in conventional medicine or in the laboratory.

The extensive frequency systems of Dr. Clark, Rife and Baklayan are available for bioenergetic therapy. The package also includes a database chip card with the 121 most important frequencies according to Dr. Clark and Rife and a frequency primer with the Clark and Rife frequencies and information about programming and application.

Royal Raymond Rife has left long lists of helpful frequencies for a large number of clinical pictures and symptoms, only a small part of which are associated with certain pathogens such as staphylococci or streptococci, most of which support immune or organ functions. In her research, Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark has tested the specific frequency ranges of numerous pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi) and observed that these pathogens are attenuated or killed if they are exposed to electrical rectangular current with a positive offset in their frequency, so that they can be excreted by the body.

You can draw on this treasure of frequency material by searching for the indications suitable for your patient in the frequency primer and programming the listed frequencies with the specified parameters into the main memory of the individual menu and from there saving them as a sequence on an empty master chip card.

Healing Frequency and technical features of the Diamond Shield Zapper series

Furthermore there is the possibility to use a free software (Healing Frequency Chipcard Creator) to find required frequency programs in an online database and to store them with the help of USB chipcard writers from the PC all at once writeable chipcards. If you purchase a license for the Pro version of the software, you can edit the programs and save them to rewritable master smart cards

The technical features of the Diamond Shield Zapper series, which use the latest technical possibilities to improve the effectiveness of the programs, are of course also part of the Diamond Shield IE Professional features

  • Pulse discharge and grounding serve the beneficial dissolution of electrical overcharges in the body
  • Frequencies can be modulated up to 254 times. This results in a double signal with a deeper effect.
  • The intensity can be regulated down to 0.1V. This results in microcurrents that improve the effectiveness of supporting frequencies.
  • To completely cover the excitation frequency ranges according to Dr. Clark, wobbling between the two preset frequencies can be set.
  • With the automatic constant current control, the effective intensity of the current flow can be kept constant, e.g. in the event of skin moisture fluctuations, by automatically adjusting the voltage.
  • 15 pre-installed frequency programs according to Dr. Clark, Rife, Dr. Beck and Baklayan
  • For special applications numerous additional programs are available on chipcards and can be played on all devices of the Diamond Shield Zapper series.
  • With the Diamond Shield IE Professional individually required programs can be entered by the therapist and stored on an empty Master Chipcard. The patient can use these programs with the master smart card at home on his Diamond Shield Zapper.

Naturally on the Diamond Shield IE Professional are also the 15 pre-installed standard programs also included.

The pre-installed Diamond Shield standard programs and over 50 available Diamond Shield chip card programs offer a wealth of positive effects to improve well-being:

Some programs bring about physical and mental relaxation and regeneration. Through the additional grounding and impulse discharge, some overvoltages and sleep disturbances can be noticeably resolved (sometimes just grounding with the zapper switched off is enough for this). There are programs for regenerating and activating the body's own protective system of the meridians, for activating or regulating the body's self-healing powers, for dissolving stuck blockages, removing stress and toxins, supporting organ functions and specifically combating viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.