Alan E. Baklayan: Gentle Healing with Harmonic Waves

The German version of “Gentle Healing with Harmonic Waves“ by Alan E. Baklayan first appeared in 2003 and this practical guide has just recently been released in the 3rd revised and enlarged edition. This important handbook by the well-known natural health professional and pioneer contains lots of useful information about the basic philosophy, methods, and applications of the Zapper.

In this new edition a variety of symptoms, prophylaxis and application examples of bio-frequency therapy with the Zapper will be shown.

This book is intended to serve as an introduction to the basic principles and possibilities of the application of the Zapper of the new generation, the “Diamond Shield Zapper IE”.

The new devices are not just the previous generation in an improved version, but they open entirely new, previously unknown dimensions!

  • micro currents
  • modulation of the frequencies
  • impulse discharge as a relief and relaxation application
  • harmonic oscillation therapy
  • and the Diamond Shield program as the first universal regulatory program

open doors to sensational possibilities.

Can you imagine that the body can be played like a musical instrument and thereby will be fully harmonized again?

You’ll be surprised! This book can give you a whole new perspective on recovering and staying healthy …