Dr. Hulda Clark and the Clark Zapper

Dr. Hulda Clark, Erfinderin des Clark-Zappers

Dr. Hulda Clark (1928-2009), Canadian-born, today is mainly known for her Clark Zapper and her book “The Cure for All Diseases”.

Dr. Clark really knew how to combine the two outstanding issues science and naturopathy. After studying biology and obtaining her doctor’s degree in physiology, she intensively turned to naturopathy, with the aim of developing equipment and possibilities – such as the Clark Zapper – which should make it possible to every person to heal themselves.

In 1963, Dr. Clark opened her naturopathic practice and worked as a naturopath until 2007, whereas cancer therapy was the focus of her work. In 44 years, Dr. Hulda Clark was able to gain a lot of experience and published it in a total of 8 books, of which 6 books make combating cancer the subject of discussion.

According to the Clark therapy, there are only two causes of chronic disease: the parasite Fasciolopsis buski and environmental toxins.

Dr. Hulda Clark developed a test device, the so-called Syncrometer, to track accumulated pollutants from industrially produced food products, cosmetics and other products of everyday necessities, and various parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body (by a resonant response to specific frequencies), that according to her theory can settle in the organs and cause serious chronic diseases. Dr. Clark states that pollutants, parasites or bacteria “reveal themselves” by a measurable resonance response to “their own” specific frequency and can be weakened by fine electrical stimulation with a so-called Zapper in this same frequency.

In her book “The Cure for all Diseases” Dr. Clark gives instructions for home building of a Clark Zapper developed by herself and detailed information for the targeted weakening and discharge of toxins and parasites through fine electrical stimulation in specific frequencies. Dr. Hulda Clark developed recipes and instructions such as for a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse and intestinal cleanse for the liberation of the excretory organs.

With her guidance for the construction of a Clark Zapper Dr. Hulda Clark wanted to give everyone the opportunity to help themselves in the fight against environmental toxin, parasites, and especially cancer.

Although she certainly faced resistance, Dr. Clark did not let herself be put off and continued to insist to break the established patterns of thought – she dared to tread a path that combined science and naturopathy!

Even after legal harassment Dr. Hulda Clark never minced matters and continued to adhere to her belief that the therapy with the Zapper could heal persistent cancers as stated in her books.

Later the immune defense was also a big issue for Dr. Clark – the strengthening of the body’s defenses. Her research inspired many people to help themselves and to develop an awareness of their own health.


  • The Diamond Shield Zapper is the evolution of this brilliant device by Dr. Hulda Clark, offering us a lot more options and new features as the original version.