Zapper trade-in made easy

Our partners offer Zapper trade-in made easy for our customers:

How it works

Telefinberatung zum Zappertausch

There are 3 ways to trade in your old Zapper:


  • Please get in contact with your favorite partner for selling the zapper.
  • Make sure your old zapper is on their trade-in list and inform yourself about the price you will receive when you buy a Diamond Shield Zapper.
  • Follow the instructions of the Zapper partner on how to trade-in your old zapper and receive a new Diamond SHield Zapper.

Models and discounts

The partners will have an overview on which Zapper gives you how much discount if you trade it in when buying one of the Diamond Shield Zappers.

You will also receive a € 10, discount for each old ChipCard that you send in. This discount will be deducted from the purchase of new ChipCards.

Should your Zapper not be included in the list please send an email to your partner with the exact specification of the Zapper model. They will then send you an offer for your Zapper as soon as possible. A cash payment for your Zapper is unfortunately not possible.

Zapper Tausch gegen den Diamond Shield IE

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