While the Diamond Shield Zapper, as the name indicates, is a basic treatment to protect the body from the outside against all influences as a shield by flushing the meridians, creating a better flow, and through the energy network of the body readjusts healing processes,
the Crystal Zapper assigns around each acupuncture point each meridians all structures and the ones with which this meridian is connected. It detoxifies this area further and deeper.

Yes, the programs of the Diamond Shield IE can be upgraded with the Crystal ChipCard available in our shop. Novelties such as the keylock and the memory function, however, cannot be updated by that.

The electrode belt is necessary because it directly rests on the meridians that are to be addressed and only by this deep cleansing of the meridians can be completed.

Among other, new special features were built in, such as the memory function, the very useful keylock and alarm clock function. The electrode belt ensures effective deep cleansing of the meridians, i.e. supports the new Crystal program, with includes 2 sequences with a total of 252 frequency programs (duration about 100 minutes).

The Diamond Shield Zapper Professional is a frequency device, intended for professional therapists. It is programmable and can thus create individual treatment programs and can save them on ChipCards which the patient is then able to use at home on his own ordinary Diamond Shield Zapper.

  1. 1. Basically, a Zapper should be adjustable between 0.1 to 16 volts in small steps.
  2. 2. The entire frequency spectrum of the Rife and Clark frequencies should be integrated in a Zapper already.
  3. 3. The frequencies must be stable and may only produce a small jitter (“wobble”).
  4. 4. It must be ensured that the Zapper produces a pure square wave with a positive offset.
  5. 5. Under no circumstances must induction coils be incorporated in this therapeutic device!
  6. 6. Grounding and impulse discharge can already give great relief in many applications, probably because we are nowadays constantly overcharged, that you should not forgo this opportunity.
  7. 7. Dr. Clark has specified frequency ranges for many loads in her lists, which can be used for optimum effect through the wobble function.
  8. 8. For a deeper range of frequencies the frequencies should be modulated.

(referring to Alan E. Baklayan, “Gentle Healing with harmonic oscillation”, p. 136+137)

  • the Diamond Shield Zapper IE
  • metal wristbands
  • electrode cable
  • 9V battery
  • plastic case
  •  impulse discharge (soothing grounding)
  • wobbling (this means that not only a single frequency is selected, but the possibility exists to cover entire areas)
  • micro currents (up to 0.1 volts) for supporting or regulatory programs
  • Diamond Shield: the protective shield for your health
  • constant current control
  • modulating: 2- to 254-fold modulation
  • harmonic oscillations according to Baklayan


In addition to the already subsequently large scope of delivery of 17 pre-installed programs that come with the Diamond Shield Zapper IE, you can also purchase separate ChipCards with which you can even expand its treatments. They are also available in our online shop.

For information on the use of the available ChipCard programs, please refer to the eBook “Gentle Therapy with Biofrequency”. „Gentle Therapy with Biofrequency“.

There are already 17 major programs with a total of 116 frequencies included in the Diamond Shield Zapper:

Clark-, Rife-, Beck- and Baklayan frequencies

Furthermore, it is possible to purchase many more programs for specific applications on separately available ChipCards or to use programs personally created and programmed onto the ChipCard by the therapist.

Thanks to its clearly arranged display and a simple user interface the Zapper is easy to handle. However, those who are looking for a deeper level of knowledge and would like to learn more about the need for discharge and the energetic system of our meridians, which must be kept in balance, please refer to the eBook “Gentle Healing with harmonic oscillation” as a useful source of information.

For information on the use of the available ChipCard programs, please refer to the eBook “Gentle Therapy with Biofrequency” as well. „Gentle Therapy with Biofrequency“

You can use it quite simply from home! With its space-saving design and its extremely easy use absolutely everybody can get a Diamond Shield Zapper for at home. Through the metal wristband the Diamond Shield Zapper can also be used comfortably during sedentary occupations (because of the grounding cable). And because of the fact that it is so handy and light, you can also easily take it with you without being too heavy, for example when hiking and it can be very useful when traveling.

Quite simply here in our shop:

The Diamond Shield Zapper online shop

Here you can not only purchase our Diamond Shield Zapper, but all accessories as well, such as ChipCards and electrodes.

The Zapper has either two stainless steel electrodes, which you take in both hands or a pair of metal wristbands.
For special applications (TENS pain therapy) also silicone electrodes, e. g. for the back, are available.
In case of problems below the navel, the electrodes can also be used on the soles of the feet.

During normal zapping fine streams with specific frequencies are passed through the body either via metal wristbands or hand electrodes. During Plate Zapping an additional metal plate, on which the corresponding ampules and drops as carriers of filter information can be placed, will be interposed into the feeding current path.

The electrical frequency therapy is a bioenergetic method. Fine electric currents with targeted frequencies are used here to enhance the well-being and alleviate symptoms.

General universal application:

  • connect the hand electrodes or metal wristband
  • insert the special plug into your socket to be grounded
  • turn on the device
  • select the program from the standard menu or from the ChipCard
  • start the program
  • adjust the intensity as needed
  • at the end of the program, you should, if possible, stay grounded for another 50 min

You can use the Zapper with the frequency programs developed by Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and health practitioner Baklayan. 17 major programs are already included in the Diamond Shield Zapper and more can be purchased on separately available ChipCards. It is also applicable with Plate Zapping and the 2-plate method according to Baklayan. Thanks to a clearly arranged LCD display and a self-explanatory user interface it is easy to handle and understandable for everyone.

A Zapper is a device for bioenergetic treatment according to Dr. Hulda Clark. It can be used for risk-free support at home, as well as accompanying bio-resonance therapy by experienced therapists. The Zapper model, which was developed by Dr. Clark is completely harmless for the human body and generates frequency patterns that energize the body and balances and regulates the meridian system of the body (energetic structure).