New chip card generation

Naturopath Baklayan came up with the simple idea of charging acupuncture points with their own frequency through micro currents when they are exhausted. In other words, when these individual mini-batteries are empty.

This gave rise to a new generation of ChipCards that can have a very impressive effect on the overall exhausted, overworked and chronically ill people of today.

The effect of this ChipCard is based on the calculations of the Harmonical Frequency Application according to Baklayan. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated the exact frequency of each TCM meridian and then, within each meridian, the frequency of all acupuncture points.

Each TCM ChipCard consists of an individual selection of acupuncture points that correspond to the picture based on their indications.

ChipCard AIM

For people who have a tendency to autoimmune reactions, there are three mechanisms that can be helpful in building protection against them.

The first mechanism is that microcurrents - and this is very well known - improve the flow properties of the blood and favourably influence the clots, gel rolls and other adhesions in the blood. There are numerous photo and film documentations that show an improved picture of the blood after the application of microcurrents. The capillaries are relaxed and by increasing the flow this can also be a protection against developing embolisms and varicose veins. This would be a reason to zap oneself with microcurrents before and after a vaccination, especially if there is a danger of an autoimmune reaction, even a local one.

The second mechanism is that, according to studies by Ngok Cheng [1] , microcurrents increase the activity of the mitochondria by up to 500 %. This means that all functions, as well as the cell membrane potential, are repaired here and the mitochondria work at a much higher level for a few hours, which of course builds up a very good balance and protection of the whole body.

The third and most important mechanism is that with the help of the Fractal Enhancer it is possible to directly calm an autoimmune tendency. The fractal enhancer consists of 1200 small fractals, which are laid out and calculated exactly in such a way that they create a clockwise swirling of the current. If this effect is now combined with extremely deep micro currents, this has a calming effect on the excessive right-spin of the body's functions.

In the body, right and left-spinning functions are always in balance. The right-spinning functions are an expression of life. However, too much life force leads to allergies, inflammations and autoimmune reactions - so, if there are too many dextrorotatory parts, it eventually leads to autoaggressive tendencies against oneself.

These excess right-spinning parts can be calmed down by letting the AIM chip card run at 0.4 volts.

Especially in the case of expected reactions, such as hay fever, allergic reactions, vaccinations, extreme stress reactions, when congestion builds up, one can run the AIM ChipCard a few days before as a preventive measure and continue to use it daily for a week after the event. This should intercept the symptoms. If there are still residual reactions, for example to a stimulus, you can also run the ChipCard several times a day to calm them down.:

This programme runs at 0.4 volts. If something unpleasant is felt after the first run (for example, in people with extreme autoimmune reactions), such as tension, run it again, this time at 0.1 volts, so that this reaction is also calmed.

Your Hp Alan E. Baklayan

[1] Cheng N, Van Hoof H, Bockx E, et al. (1982). "The effects of electric currents on ATP generation, protein synthesis, and membrane transport of rat skin"