At a glance 

Sustainable help with all allergic reactions

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Element water, element fire, meridians allergy, lymph, spleen, threefold warmer, main allergen mix-ampule (Ampule IV. Primary Allergy Mix Ampoule, testkit Food Products)

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards :

  • BiBlo eliminates bioenergetic blockades
  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy levels
  • Crystal for a deep regulation of the entire meridian system


  • Plate-Zapping with allergens
  • ASP for mold on the pollen
  • EG (4 flukes) with parasite load
  • Papain cure with parasite load
  • L (Liver)
  • CAN (Candida) when testing
  • Healing Frequency search term allergy
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex allergy

Recommended literature

A. E. Baklayan: Parasites – The hidden Cause of many Diseases

The ChipCard contains 3 program sequences.

Application     Time (minutes) Basic therapy     50 min.

Energy balance                                      20 min.

Plate zapping or acute allergic reactions 20 min.

The basic therapy contains frequency programs for the most important parasites, causing allergic reactions (Ascaris, Strongyloides, Flukes, Salmonellae). The program sequence should be applied at least 2 times a week.

The second program sequence for energy balance has a similar effect as an acupuncture application in allergy. The sequence should be applied at least once a week, on occurrence of favourable effects perhaps even daily.

The third sequence

  1. can be applied on occurrence of acute reactions, directly for an immediate sedative effect, on occurrence of favourable effects perhaps even several times daily.
  2. can be applied in combination with Plate Zapping, placing the respective allergen (food, pollen (from the window bench), house dust) onto the plate.

Therapy-supporting recommendations

  • Mannayan incense, 1x daily 1 capsule
  • Mannayan Cal+, 1x daily 1 capsule
  • Mannayan Zink+, 1x daily 1 tabl.
  • Mannayan MSM or MSM Kombi, 1x daily 1 capsule