At a glance 

AR ChipCard and specific organ detoxification make it possible

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Lung meridian or directly on the lung; meridians liver, skin, connective tissue, circulation

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards:

  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification - daily
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy

levels -  daily


  • Lu (Lung) - daily
  • L (Liver) - 2 times a week

Recommended literature:

  1. E. Baklayan: German book: “Nichtraucher – jetzt – werden”,

(Become a non-smoker) Publisher Michaels

About the mode of action

The anti-smoking program includes specially coordinated frequencies for the liver, lungs, blood, intestine and intestinal mucosa, which use is supplemented with divertion ampules for these organs. The combination of the serious intention to quit smoking, the application of the AR-Chips and a supportive removal of toxins leads to highly successful treatment results.

How to use

At first, the cigarette is placed in a glass on the first plate (connected with the positive pole on the zapper with the red plug) and the lung ampoule from the ampoule kit Anti-Smoke on the second plate. After opening the AR program from the ChipCard, pressing the OK button again will display the contained programs for lung, blood, liver, intestine and mucous membrane, which can be played one after the other. For each program, the corresponding ampoule is placed on the second plate.


Application                                  Time (minutes) 

Lung                                          10:00

Blood                                         10:00

Liver                                          10:00

Intestine                                     10:00

Mucous membrane                     10:00

Results and experiences of the anti-smoking application

The plate zapping method described above causes detoxification reactions in 60 - 70 percent of all patients. One side effect that could be most frequently observed is a sudden reluctance of patients to cigarette smoke to which they now react very sensitively. The typical withdrawal symptoms are noticeable minimally when as mentioned above the toxin removal process in the treatment is performed with a cigarette.

Additional Tips

You will find all in-depth explanations and instructions for the treatment as well as information about possible difficulties in the German book "Nichtraucher-jetzt-werden"(Become a non smoker) by Alan E. Baklayan.

Please note: The basic prerequisite for the success of antismoking therapy through chip application and rejection is a serious intention to become a non-smoker.