At a glance 

Relief in cancer and other biodegenerative loads

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards:

  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification, 2 times weekly.
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy


  • ImVir, 2 times weekly
  • ImPar, 2 times weekly
  • BiBlo, 2 times weekly
  • Crystal for a deep regulation of the entire meridian system


  • CLST against all clostridial species
  • FVE opening the intracellular space
  • HSX (herpes and Epstein Barr family)
  • EBV Epstein Barr Virus
  • IM immunemodulation
  • ASP Aspergillus
  • CAN Candida
  • EG (4 flukes)
  • Healing Frequency search cancer
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex cancer

Recommended literature: 

  1. E. Baklayan: Krebs - Therapie und Forschung (a german script concerning cancer therapy and research)

Tamara Lebedewa:           Krebserreger        entdeckt               (Carcinogens discovered, german)

Hulda R. Clark: The Cure for All Advanced Cancers

Mode of Action

Today we know that in the development of cancer countless pathogens such as roundworms, Trichomonas, Fasciolopsis buski, Fasciolopsis miracidia and in particular Clostridium, Candida and Aspergillus are significantly involved. The BRChip serves to specifically fight against all these pathogens. In her book "Krebserreger entdeckt” (Carcinogens discovered, german), the Russian researcher Tamara Lebedewa illuminates the link between trichomoniasis and the development of cancer in more detail.


            Time (minutes)

Ascaris 1-3

each  03:00

Ascaris larvae




Trichomonas 2


Fasciolopsis buski


Clostridia 1


Clostridia 2


Clostridia 3


Clostridia 4







Before the daily application of the BR-Chips you should be informed in detail about the scope and background of the therapy. To this end, we recommend you to read the further german script "Krebs – Therapie und Forschung" (Cancer – Therapy and Research) by Alan E. Baklayan or the books published by Dr. Hulda Clark on this topic.

Additional application

The application of the BR-Chips can help to ensure that the cancer does not form again after a conventional treatment such as chemotherapy, and is suitable for prevention in general cancer risk or on patients with positive pre-cancerose results.

Supportive therapy recommendations:

Important! For Detox: VegiManna, daily 1 teaspoon in a glass of lukewarm water

You can find further information on VegiManna in the booklet “On the Curative Power of Vegetables” by Stephan Wiede.

Please note: The BR-Chip is used only for the support of cancer therapy. In addition, the individual, further aspects of the disease must be considered individually and therapeutically