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Allow therapeutic success

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Nervous system, threefold warmer and then also at the site of symptoms

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Supporting ChipCards

  • DTX enabled excretions and detoxification
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy levels
  • KON supports power of concentration
  • Crystal for a deep regulation of the entire meridian system Stay earthed daily 50 minutes minimum.


  • Healing Frequency search term scars
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex scars

Recommended literature:

A. E. Baklayan: Parasites - The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases

About the Mode of Action

The stored frequency on the card BiBlo neutralizes negative effects of e-smog, radioactivity and scar loads; almost every patient is tested positively. For this reason it is advisable to use the BiBlo Chip prior to any treatment.


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How to use

In the exercise of all bioenergetic testing methods, the influence of scars and other negative loads is high. Therefore, use this chip before a therapy, followed by the DTX Chip and subsequently test to parasites or other charges.

Results and experiences of BiBlo applications

The therapy resistance of chronic pain is often based on nonsuppressed scars. These can also be small scars caused by surgery or vaccination against smallpox, which block the development of a meridian. Often, after a carefully executed scar therapy with the BiBlo-ChipCard, the pain level reduces spontaneously. Thereafter, if you let directly precede the Diamond Shield, the pain will subside further. So the BiBloChipCard is a significantly support for the success of different therapies, which in turn can increase the positive effect of other ChipCards.

Additional tips:

  • Bioenergetic blockades can easily be both under and overrated. However, a reasonable estimate and corresponding resolution is crucial for the success of a therapy. Any time when the effect of a therapy method gets into falter, the organism must be examined and treated concerning these blockades. Especially in the therapeutic regulation using biophysical frequencies, strong bioenergetic blockades can mitigate the therapy effect.
  • The term “laterality disturbance” which comes from kinesiology describes a today's widespread condition in which the two halves of the human brain no longer work properly together. The cause may be primary the excessive exercise of a unilateral activity, hours of work in front of the computer as well as an exclusive activity in the artistic/ creative field, may be held responsible.
  • Geopathic stress due to the influence of water veins can also be viewed as an additional-cause of a variety of diseases, as well as for example cancer. Physical impairments such as sleep, the fatigue syndrome or hyperkineses are often based on a corresponding right-handed loading. In addition to the application of BiBlo-ChipCard itself, it is strongly recommended, especially for serious diseases like cancer, to change your own sleeping place.
  • Electrosmog pollutions are based on every electrical equipment. Patients with an electrosmog allergy should remove all electrical appliances and outlets from their sleeping area within a radius of at least 1.2 meters from their body.

Note: turn off electrical appliances is not sufficient!

  • Think also about the night lamp, the alarm clock, the electric blanket and the water bed. TV sets depending on their size should be up to four meters away from your sleeping area.
  • Contamination with radioactivity can pursue negative influence on your organism just as contaminated as Chernobyl or by past X-ray treatments.
  • Stay earthed after each application at least 50 minutes for discharging static and alternating loads (radicals).

The frequencies of the BiBlo-ChipCard can neutralize the harmful effects, but long-term exposure freedom is necessarily desirable. Talk to a building biologist / dowser whom you trust. Attention! In our experience, expensive equipment and devices are no use at all based on long-term considerations. Exposure freedom is the better solution.

Note: Vitamin C and the daily intake of 500 mg of L-cysteine capsules support the excretion of radioactive pollution.