Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard CAN – Candida

At a glance

Refined developing sustainable exempt from Candida

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Wherever Candida is detected, at every conceivable Meridian,  particularly on joints, lymph, nervous system

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards:

  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy


  • FVE opening the intracellular space
  • IM immunemodulation


  • Healing Frequency search term candida
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex candida

Recommended literature:

A. E. Baklayan: Parasites - the hidden cause of many diseases

About the mode of action

To determine the long list of suitable frequencies in the development of this ChipCard, all Candida species were systematically tested. Due to the ChipCard application the Candida spectrum may be completely covered.

The body can store the generated frequencies through the therapy over four days in the body. For this reason, a corresponding application in the four-day cycle has proven particularly useful to elicit a sustained, daily renewing effect without stressing the body itself too strongly.

Application                                Time (minutes)

Day 1 1-5                                            20:00

Day 2 6-10                                          17:30

Day 3 11-15                                         20:00

Day 4 16-19                                         15:00

The Candida-Chip treatment is ideal to support all therapies of symptoms, for which an integral part is to be identified to be caused by a candida infection.

Please note: The application of Candida ChipCard can only be recommended in conjunction with a candida diet, otherwise the entire therapy is inconclusive.

Also required are the use of natural, antifungal preparations: o Mannayan Cand+ 1x 1 caps. daily  o        Colloidal silver water 1x 1 Tbsp. daily (no metal spoon)

o Cumanda 2x 30 drops daily o    Clove oil composite 1x 5 drops daily o    Grapefruit seed extract 3x 2 tabl. daily

For more detailed informations please refer to the recommended literature.

Results of the Candida therapy

The CAN-Chip application has proven itself very well as a supportive measure for Candida therapy. The duration of the total therapy could be reduced by about one third. The patient has to stick definitely to his diet for the entire duration of therapy.

For some patients, an immediate onset of relief of various Candida symptoms such as itching or irregularities could be determined in the stool. Insofar as the patients stick to the recommendations no side effects (Herxheimer syndrome) could be observed.

The Candida Diet to remove the Candida fungus

Renounce completely to any form of sugar, fruit sugar, jam, maple syrup, honey, chocolate and sugary sweets, and sugarfree sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame and cyclamate for the duration of the diet. Also prohibited are raw or cooked fruits, fruit juices, soft drinks, coke or alcoholic drinks.

The consumption of pasta and white flour products is not allowed. Crisp bread and whole grain bread, unsweetened cereal and rice should be taken only moderately.

Look out for hidden sugars when you shop - the summary shows the often surprising content of simple carbohydrates in foods (e.g. cashews, ketchup).

Do not eat pork or breaded meats when eating meat and sausages.

Fish and eggs are allowed just like milk, cheese, unsweetened sour milk products, butter and oils. Eat potatoes, pasta made from legumes (in the "gluten-free assortment" of supermarkets), raw and cooked root vegetables, radish,  legumes, turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, raw and cooked sauerkraut (lactic fermented cabbage), onions, garlic, garden herbs, spices, nuts and salt. Only drink unsweetened tea or coffee and water or mineral water.