The respective frequency ranges basically serve to harmonize and regulate the meridian system of TCM on different sublevels and layers. It is not quite easy to translate this effect into symptomatic terminology. The description below is intended to present an overall picture of the effect of the frequencies. In order to benefit from the regulation/harmonization of chipcards, you do not have to literally recognize all the conditions within you, but the tendency into the direction.

This ChipCard consists of 10 different frequency ranges and individual frequencies that are precisely coordinated with each other. The frequency ranges activate all areas that must work together to reduce cellulite, especially lymphatic drainage, skin and subcutaneous function, vein reflux, connective tissue activation, stomach deacidification and liver function stimulation.

The energetic exhaustion of the nervous control into the intracellular space prevents the physiological metabolic processes of the ion channels of the cell membrane, which leads to the retention of acids in the cells and what is called "cellulite".