At a glance
Activate protection against all CV types

Bioenergetic testing by therapist:
Viruses can be tested well on the nervous system, the hormone system and
the lymphatic system as well as on liver and lung: nerve system, TW, lymph,
liver and lung meridian. Open the intracellular space with the FvE-ChipCard
for 7 minutes prior to this.

For self-help:
Supporting ChipCards:
• Prepare with BiBlo
• FvE opening of the intracellular space
• DTX activates excretion and detoxication
• ImVir strenghtens the immune system against viruses
• Lu-m (Lung)
• 4W (4 Wälle) boosts the unspecific immune system
• Diamond Shield Programm Basic balancing of energy levels
• Multi multi-resistant germs

• Healing Frequency search term Corona
• Frequency Compendium II searchindex Corona

Application         Time (minutes)
CV 1-22                  18:30

The ChipCard should be used 2x in a row if needed.

Therapy-supporting recommendations:

As therapy-supporting agents with specific effect against viruses, we primarily
recommend Samento, Takuna, Houttuynia, Mannayan Weihrauch
(Boswellia) and Mannayan Glucan.

Antiviral effect:

o Mannayan Glucan+, 1x daily. 1 capsule
o Takuna, 2x daily 8 drops
o Samento, 2x daily 8 drops
o Houttuynia , 2x daily 15 drops
o Mannayan Boswellia, 1x daily 1 capsule
o Zinc Mannayan Zink+, 2x daily 1 tablet, in acute cases 1x5 capsules
o Mannayan Vitamin D3+K2 Ultra+ 1x daily 1 capsule with 4000 IU
o Mannayan Reg+ 1x daily 1 capsule

For glutathione supply:
o Mannayan Lipo-Glutathione+ 1x daily 1 capsule