Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard DaFl – Improve Intestinal Flora

The respective frequency ranges basically serve to harmonize and regulate the meridian system of TCM on different levels and layers. It is not quite easy to translate this effect into symptomatic terminology. The description below is intended to present an overall picture of the effect of the frequencies.

In order to benefit from the regulation/harmonization of these ChipCards, you do not have to literally recognize all the conditions within you, but the tendency direction.

This chipcard, which consists of 14 coordinated frequency ranges, is generally used for intestinal flora improvement. It contains low frequencies that have a supporting effect on the exhausted vegetative system and provide the right tension in a slackened colon.

Furthermore, the vegetative part of the small intestine meridian, as well as the exhausted small intestine peristalsis is supported on the sublevel of the central nervous system is supported.

Often in this picture, one finds nonspecific upper abdominal complaints associated with food intolerances.

In the case of the small intestine, it is sometimes necessary to think of a disturbance of the protein metabolism, which is due to an amino acid deficiency and/or excessive protein consumption. Secondarily, this can lead to liver exhaustion, which is why frequencies for liver support are also included here. These frequencies can also have a beneficial effect on a reaction to histamine in the small intestine.

A prerequisite for proper carbohydrate utilization is that the pancreatic juices flow well. The relaxation of the spleen-pancreas meridian at the humoral level favorably influences the carbohydrate metabolism disorder (excessive sugar consumption) with these frequencies.

The whole picture can go so far that the mucosal barrier is no longer intact.

All frequencies work together to restore the damaged mucosal barrier and build up the intestinal flora.