Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard DaFu – Improve Intestinal Function

The respective frequency ranges basically serve to harmonize and regulate the meridian system of TCM on different levels and layers. It is not quite easy to translate this effect into symptomatic terminology. The description below is intended to present an overall picture of the effect of the frequencies.

In order to benefit from the regulation/harmonization of these ChipCards, you do not have to literally recognize all the conditions within you, but the tendency direction.

This chipcard consists of 11 different frequency ranges that are precisely matched to help bowel function in general when there is a tendency to constipation and hard/difficult bowel movements. Among other things, it includes higher frequency ranges, that have a relaxing effect on the upper abdomen. It also activates the non-specific immune system of the intestines, as well as kidney frequencies that regulate the water balance of the stool. Furthermore, low frequencies that have a relaxing effect on the vegetative system in the upper abdomen, including non-specific reactions to food. Relaxing the flow of juices in the abdomen to the point of relaxing the spine, which, as we know, is always reflexively related to intestinal function. Especially conditions on the lumbar spine due to chronic tension of the colon/psoas muscle.