At a glance 

Regular detoxification is a prerequisite for success

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

 Meridians large intestine, kidney, lymph and liver

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards

  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy


  • FvE opening the intracellular space


  • LY Lymph
  • L Liver
  • Ni Kidneys
  • Healing Frequency search detox
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex detox

Preparations, recommended literature

Support the elimination pathways in their function. More information you can find in

  1. E. Baklayan: Gentle Healing with Harmonic Waves – simply zap your Health Problems away!

and A.E. Baklayan: Parasites – The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases

About the mode of action

The DTX-Chip contains the most important TREF frequencies for detoxification of intestine, kidney, lymph and liver. The abbreviation TREF here refers to "Terrain-Regulation with Electrical Frequencies". These frequencies, which we rediscovered from ancient literature, have the ability to optimize systems such as the acid-base balance, hormone regulation, the blood, the nervous control and the sympathetic and parasympathetic.

How to use

We recommend you to apply the DTX-Card for a detoxification therapy once per day at an intensity of 4.2 volts. Should there be other toxins discharged from your body by another therapy, please use the DTX-Card only 2 times per week with 4.2 volts in order not to limit the effectiveness of this therapy.

Application                                           Time (minutes)

Kidney 1                                             03:30

Colon 1                                               03:30

Kidney 2                                             03:30

Liver 1                                                03:30

Colon 2                                               03:30

Gallbladder 1                                       03:30

Lymph 1                                              03:30

Gallbladder 2                                       03:30

Lymph 2                                              03:30

Liver 2                                                07:00

Kidney 3                                             03:30

Liver 3                                                03:30


Additional uses

A detoxification makes sense with all therapies almost without exception. If testings show, for example, that several meridian points are weakened, you should go through this chip in any case.

Results and experience of the Detox therapy

Two therapists independently from each other reported that horses very often reacted to a regular DTX-Chip treatment with immediate urination. This observation indicates that the DTXChip directly stimulates the excretion of toxins that have quietly accumulated within the body.

A cancer patient always used the DTX-Card treatment directly after their chemotherapy. Because of the color and smell of her urine she realized that she was directly excreting the chemotherapeutic agents again. In direct correlation it could be found out that the chemotherapy-induced side effects declined sharply. With the regular application of DTX-frequencies the patient felt much better than before.

Supportive therapy recommendations:

  • Free excretory routes are an important prerequisite for successful detoxification. The intestinal activity can be supported by the following means: o Mannayan Colo+, 1-2 times daily 1 capsule o Mannayan Clean+, 1-2x daily 1 capsule o Mannayan Gamma+, 25g daily in 200 ml cold water o Mannayan Flor, 1x daily 1 capsule o Mannayan Lact+, 1-2x daily 1 capsule
  • In order to facilitate the detoxification process during the therapy, you can support the organs with various substances such as herbal extracts for the kidneys and liver. Specifically: o Mannayan Detox+, 1x daily 1 tabl. o Mannayan Reg+, 1-2x daily 1 caps.
  • Derma-Clean L (liver), 2 - 3x daily 1-2 tsp o Derma-Clean N (kidneys), 2 - 3x daily 1-2 tsp o Bitterstern, 2x daily 8 drops o Mannayan (B)remsen, 2x daily 20 drops in a glass of water or organic bear's garlic seasoning
  • VegiManna 1 tsp daily in a glass of lukewarm water

- Other supportive means of mobilizing toxins in the body and binding in the intestines:

  • Algas, every 3 days 10 drops in 120 ml water o Mannayan coriander seasoning, 2x daily 20 drops in a glass of water
  • Sealantro, every second day 40 drops in a glass of water before a meal
  • Mannayan Lipo-Glutathion+ or Cleanvit 1x daily 1 cap.
  • Mannayan MSM or MSM Combi 1x daily 1 caps.
  • Burbur Detox or Burbur-Pinella, 1-2x daily 15-30 drops  or Pinella, 1-2x daily 10 drops
  • Vitamin C improves the detoxification of the liver: o Mannayan Vit. C+, 1x daily 1 tabl.
  • Mannayan Zink+, 1x daily 1 tabl.

You can find further information on VegiManna in the booklet “On the Curative Power of Vegetables” by Stephan Wiede.

The DTX-ChipCard is one of the most commonly used biochips. Numerous colleagues attest positive effects in all the seminars. It can be used with all signs of poisoning, congestion and blockades such as dry skin or pale urine.