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  • Prepare with BiBlo to eliminate bioenergetic blockades
  • DTX activates excretions and detoxification
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy levels


  • LY Lymphdrainage
  • Healing Frequency search term appetite, adipositas
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex appetite, adipositas

The application of the GewAbn ChipCard provides a supportive measure for weight management. Kidneys as well as adrenal gland and metabolism are stimulated by the corresponding frequencies.

Application                                  Time (minutes)

GewAbn 1-5                               each 03:00

For the supportive function of this ChipCard an intensity of 4.2 volts is enough. The application should be accompanied by a diet.

Patients with severe problems with losing weight, we recommend to remove the wheat products completely from your diet, as they often cause a blockage. Due to strict abstention of wheat products and parallel regular ChipCard treatment, usually consistent weight loss can be achieved, without gaining weight again after the diet.

Please Note: The application of the chip cannot compensate unhealthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and a time-limited diet (poor in carbohydrates) and regular exercise (3 times a week a pleasant breaking sweat) are among the absolute performance requirements for slimming.

Therapy results

We were surprised by the immediate success. Many users have told us, even without dietary changes and diet within 2 weeks to have lost 2 to 3 kg. Especially in patients who unsuccessfully tried for years to lose weight permanently, the GewAbn chip showed good results. The cause of this astonishing success is that with a weight loss blockade the weight reduction can be initiated only by the stimulation of the metabolism. Using the stimulation of the adrenal gland and the regulation of the thyroid introduced by the therapy, unnecessary waste can be burned and reduced.

Supportive therapy recommendations: o           Vermella Slim, 2x daily 15 drops  o           Mannayan Clean+, 1x daily 1 capsule o            Mannayan Deca-Mineral+, 1x daily 1 tabl. o         Mannayan Power Jod+, 1x daily 1 capsule o     Mannayan Q10+, 1x daily 1 capsule or Q10 liquid+, 10-20 drops spread over the day

o       Mannayan Colovital, 3x daily 1 chewable tablet o          Mannayan Griffonia, 1x daily 2 caps. in the evening