At a glance

Shortening of a bacterial infection

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Nervous system, Lymphatic meridian, Lung meridian

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards

  • Prepare with BiBlo to eliminate bioenergetic blockades
  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification
  • ImVir strengthens the immune system against viruses
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy levels
  • Co-m Cold Program
  • LY activates lymphatic drainage

Stay earthed for 50 minutes after the end of the program.


  • Healing Frequency search term cold, “sinus”

Frequency Compendium II searchindex cold, sinus, throat, etc.

This ChipCard contains classical frequencies as Streptococci and Staphylococci for the treatment of bacterial infections. Suggestions by different therapists who were looking for new therapeutic options for children motivated us to develop this ChipCard.

Application                                              Time (Minutes)

HNO 1-7                                                each 05:30

How to use

  • In case of acute infection the chip can be applied 2 times a day. In doing so use only the maximum of intensity at which no tingling sensation is noticeable. Take particular care of the child’s delicate skin on which redness can be caused easily. In case of doubt reduce the intensity to 1 Volt.

  • If the sinuses are unclogged to the degree of the possibility of a removal of the final bacterial products, a quick relieve of symptoms will occur. In this case a treatment can be carried out 3 times a day.
  • In case of chronic infections as, for example, suppurative sinusitis and suppurative otitis media apply the chip once a day. This also applies to the times free of symptoms because this is the only way that it will be possible to permanently eliminate the bacterial source of infection.

Please note: In case of deep-rooted infections, for example, in the area of the inner ear or the bones of the frontal sinus the drainage via the lymphatic system needs to be supported. For this approach the taking of Derma-Clean Ly (lymph), Mannayan Mineralvit Gold and Mannayan Mineralsalz is particularly suitable as well as drinking lots of water, a detoxification using the DTX-Card and the taking of supplements that supports the kidneys and the liver, e.g.

Derma-Clean L (Liver) and Derma-Clean N (Kidneys).

Additional applications:

The programs of the HNO-Chips are highly suitable for the treatment of discomfort of all kinds that are caused by a bacterial coccal infection, as, for example, a cold, an abscess, a mucosal infection, as well as an infection in the eyes, knees and joints, kidney inflammation and pneumonia.

Results of the therapy:

In my seminars pediatricians and doctors repeatedly tell me of their success during the treatment of infections in children with this ChipCard. According to information received from an ENTspecialist he uses them regularly with large success in his infantile patients.

Supportive therapy recommendations:

  • Before applications against staphylococci and streptococci frequencies as well as other frequencies listed in the Frequency Compendium II or Healing Frequency and before the so-called focus therapy, start with nasal douches and high vitamin B2 doses.
  • Activate lymph detoxification and lymph drainage through the ChipCard LY and the intake of Derma-Clean Ly (lymph), Mannayan Vit C+ and Echinacea.
  • Intake of antioxidants: Mannayan Antioxi+, 1x 1 tablet daily, Mannayan Beta+ 1x 1 capsule daily
  • Radicals are eliminated by stayin grounded 50 minutes after application.
  • Barberry, 2x daily 30 minutes before meal 15-30 drops in half a glass of water
  • Banderol, 2x daily 1-30 drops (slowly increase dosage) in

120 ml water