The respective frequency ranges basically serve to harmonize and regulate the meridian system of TCM on different levels and layers. It is not quite easy to translate this effect into symptomatic terminology. The description below is intended to present an overall picture of the effect of the frequencies.

In order to benefit from the regulation/harmonization of these ChipCards, you do not have to literally recognize all the conditions within you, but the tendency direction.

This chipcard consists of 10 coordinated frequency ranges that harmonize and strengthen the entire liver function. By supporting the lymph at the humoral level in the chest area, the liver is decongested and stimulated for detoxication. Especially if the condition is due to stress. Furthermore, the emotionally tense small intestine meridian is attenuated on the vegetative sublevel also of the thoracic area, so that the backwater to the liver is also relieved here. The liver itself is supported on the energetic humoral level and decongested on the cellular level.

Since detoxication of the liver and skin function are closely related, the function of the skin meridian is also supported.