Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard MIG – Migräne

At a glance

Successfully eliminating migraine-specific parasites

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Parasites should be tested on the nervous system and on the hormonal system. There they can be found easily (TW and nervous system meridian)

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards

  • Prepare with BiBlo to eliminate bioenergetic blockades
  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification
  • ImPar strengthens the immune system against parasites
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy


  • Crystal for a deep regulation of the entire meridian system
  • ES Relaxation Program
  • WF Wellness Program
  • Rü Back pain Program
  • LY Lymphatic drainage
  • WOOD Sedation

Stay earthed daily for 50 minutes


  • Healing Frequency search term migraine
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex migraine

Recommended literature:

A.E. Baklayan: Parasites – The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases

Dr. Hulda Clark already attributed migraine to Strongyloides which belong to the superfamily of the threadworms (filariae). As second cause for migraine by means of numerous tests, the so called heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) has been identified. The MIG-Chip contains frequencies against both parasites. Biophysical blockades, amalgam fillings and liver damage can cause migraine as well. Accordingly, a migraine therapy should be complemented by a BiBlo-Chip treatment, a detoxification of the liver and of heavy metals.

Application                                             Time (Minutes)

MIG 1-6                                                je 04:00

Due to the fact that the parasites will be provoked by the frequencies of the MIG-Card the body might react with a mild form of migraine. In this case the treatment needs to be interrupted for the duration of the migraine, whereas afterwards, during the migraine-free state the intensity of the chip treatment should be increased.

Such sensitive reactions can be avoided with the help of the supporting BiBlo treatment and a detoxification of heavy metals. A supporting factor in this would be a strengthening of the immune system against parasites with the help of the ImPar-Chip.

Additional applications

In patients with heart diseases and arrhythmia resulting from this, often a load caused by the heartworm can be proved. For precisely this reason, it would be of benefit in a therapy with this disease to use the MIG-Chip tentatively.

Therapy results

With the help of the MIG-Card this therapy method could already convince a lot of people by its numerous successes. For example, the heartworm could be found continually in patients with migraines. Based on the therapy described above the patients concerned could be freed almost immediately from their discomfort. Over the course of a year about a dozen of such successes could be documented.

Supportive therapy recommendations

  • Due to amalgam fillings it is possible that in patients with migraine a therapy blockade occurs. Therefore, we recommend that migraine patients should be tested for amalgam load and in the event of a positive test result a heavy metal detoxification should be carried out at the same time. (Please refer to " A. E. Baklayan - “Parasites – the Hidden Cause of Many Diseases”)

5-HTP has a proven effect on headache and migraine: o Mannayan Griffonia 1x daily 1 capsule in the evening