Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard Mood – Depressive Moods

New chip card generation

HP Baklayan came up with the simple idea of charging acupuncture points with their own frequency through micro currents when they are exhausted. In other words, when these individual mini-batteries are empty.

This gave rise to a new generation of ChipCards that can have a very impressive effect on the overall exhausted, overworked and chronically ill people of today.

The effect of this ChipCard is based on the calculations of the Harmonical Frequency Procedure according to Baklayan. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated the exact frequency range of each TCM meridian and then, within each meridian, the frequency of all acupuncture points.

Each TCM ChipCard consists of an individual selection of acupuncture points that, based on their indications, corresponds to the pattern.

ChipCard ood - Depressive Moods

Today's enormous increase of depressive moods up to depressions is not least connected with the unbelievable increase of toxins, bioenergetic blockades, like electrosmog (Bluetooth, W-Lan, 5G, electric fields, etc.), stress and speed in everyday life and professional life.

Viewed holistically, this means that depressive moods can also be treated as a poisoning disease. Detoxication measures can not only support psychological therapeutic efforts, but in some cases even replace them. Therefore, a cleansing of primarily the liver, but also the intestines and kidneys is very important.


It must be clarified whether there is an underactive thyroid gland, as this is often the case. Then the SD-ChipCard must be used in parallel.

Effect of the Mood CC

-  Spleen Meridian

As a representative of the functional circle earth (the center of man) some selected points of the spleen meridian. Strengthening of the balance and strengthening of the human. The points have the indications depressed mood, nightmares, fatigue, insomnia, heaviness of limbs.

-  Heart meridian

Representative of the fire element. According to TCM conception assigned to the emotion joy. The selected points are effective for sadness, heavy-hearted mood, depressive displeasure, phobias (fears), restlessness, irritability, anxiety, jumpiness, insomnia, large mood swings.

-  Small Intestine Meridian

Also in the transformational phase fire, it is the partner meridian of the heart. In the indications of the point selection we find mood disorders, fearfulness, gloominess, weakness.

-  Kidney Meridian

According to TCM, the site of the material basis of man. Suitable indications of the selected points are fatigue, hypersomnia, fearfulness, anxiety, depressive mood.

-  Gallbladder meridian

Gall bladder as a representative of the functional circle wood has much to do with suppressed anger. Indications of the selected points are depression tendency, tightness of the throat, stiffness.

-  Liver meridian

Also part of the functional circle wood. The liver stands for suppressed rage. Positive quality of the liver is friendliness. The suitable indications of the point selection are restlessness, sleep disorders, loss of appetite.


Apply daily for the first three weeks and then once every 2-4 days.

Supporting measures

  • FvE ChipCard
  • Biblo ChipCard
  • Nutramedix Avea
  • For sleep (rhythm) disorders
  • Diamond Shield basic programs for well-being and relaxation
  • Use Diamond Shield basic program DS more often to balance all meridians
  • Mannayan Colloidal Gold 3x 1 tsp (no metal spoon)
  • L-tryptophan before bedtime (or Griffonia)
  • Nutramedix Amantilla, Babuna in the evening 10 - 20 drops
  • Mannayan Mineral salt
  • Derma-Clean N
  • Derma-Clean L
  • Intestinal cleansing through
  • Mannayan Colo+
  • Mannayan Clean+
  • In the case of hypothyroidism, the preparations recommended for ChipCard SD.