Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Meridians connective tissue, organ degeneration, lymph

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards:

  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy


  • Crystal for a deep regulation of the entire meridian system

Stay earthed 50 min daily.


  • Healing Frequency search term “rheuma”

Frequency Compendium II searchindex rheumatism

In rheumatic diseases two main factors are known to play an important role:

  1. A certain combination of parasites, pathogenic agents, acidosis, hypersensitivity to protein and an excess of carbohydrates,
  2. An excessive appearance of radicals which attack joints and muscles.

With the DS Zapper you can respond effectively to both topics.

Radicals will be discharged by staying earthed for 50 minutes after the end of the application. By the way, many users report of an immediate fundamental improvement of their complaints by staying earthed.

Application                                             Time (Minutes)

Rh 1-18                                                51:00

Supportive therapy recommendations:

  • High-quality antioxidants such as Mannayan Antioxi+, 2x daily 1 tbl.
  • Diet with reduction of animal protein
  • Reduction of carbohydrates
  • Deacidification via o VegiManna, 1 teaspoon daily in a glass of lukewarm

water and

o Mannayan mineral salt, 1 capsule in the evening

You can find further information on VegiManna in the booklet “On the Curative Power of Vegetables” by Stephan Wiede.