Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard Tin – Tinnitus

At a glance

No more noises in the ear

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

nerve system and lymph meridians

For self-help:

Supporting ChipCards:

  • Prepare with BiBlo to eliminate bioenergetic blockades
  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification
  • HNO with bacterial loads
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy


  • Crystal for a deep regulation of the entire meridian system

Combination with:

  • WOOD Support


  • Z Teeth
  • Healing Frequency search term tinnitus
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex tinnitus

The causes of tinnitus can be various. It is advisable to look for heavy metals, medication side effects, nutrient deficiencies, consequences of Morbus Menière, otitis, teeth or mastoid foci, as well as an infection with trichinella spiralis.

Application                                             Time (Minutes)

Tin                                                       27:37 Min

The ChipCard contains 34 acupuncture point frequencies that are relevant in Chinese medicine for tinnitus.