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Monthly tips:

ChipCard: IM (Immune modulation)- Stimulating the immune system


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More energy for the immune system

Supporting ChipCards

  • Prepare with BiBlo
  • DTX promotes excretion and detoxification
  • ImPar
  • ImVir
  • Diamond Shield Program activates the basic balance of energy levels

About the mode of action

The IM-card ensures a non-specific stimulation of the entire immune system.
Application: IM 1 – 10
Time (Minutes): each 03:30

Results of the therapy

The IM-ChipCard has proved to be very popular and can be used at any indication for temporary or chronic immune deficiencies which express themselves through, for example, persistent colds and influenza.
In patients who currently have a cold the IM-ChipCard should always be used prior to the treatment with other ChipCards
Supportive therapy recommendations:
As additional stimulation for the immune system we recommend you the products Barberry, Samento, Takuna and Banderol, furthermore DermaVital, 2 tablets twice a day.