The New Terminator for the TRIKOMBIN

Alan E. Baklayan

The New Terminator for the TRIKOMBIN

The ultimate breakthrough for all bioresonance therapists working with ampoule systems (also allergies)!

Issue: How often must a burden (ampoule) be treated until it no longer tests? How can one drastically reduce the frequency of the therapy?

  • Unexpectedly, the solution lies in the wobbling time.

As you know, the wobbling time of all bioresonance devices is set automatically. (Wobbling time corresponds to the speed with which the frequencies are scanned.)

If you were looking for an analogy for this, it would be the speed with which you talk to the body and transmit information to it.

By treating a burden (ampoule) extensively during a session and ensuring that all amplifications are treated completely and carefully so that these ampoules no longer test at all (also for allergy treatment), you can release the patient with a clear conscience for that day.

However, if you re-test the ampoule a week later, you will be surprised to find that the burden or allergy might be quite a bit improved, but nevertheless, it still tests!

This is often very disappointing.

The solution to the problem lies in the wobbling time:

This is because, if, during the first session, once all amplifications are treated so that not a single one is left that tests, you would slightly increase the wobbling time, i.e. slow down the frequency transfer (in other words, talk to the body more slowly), you would be surprised to find that quite a few still test.

The solution to the problem lies in the wobbling time:

If you continue the therapy until everything is gone and increase the wobbling time once more…

… again, certain amplifications will test…!

The game could be repeated for a long time until nothing, absolutely nothing, will test at zero wobbling time and amplification.

In our analogy it is as though one would have to talk more and more slowly with an exhausted body, so that it can absorb the information and process it.

The good news, and the pleasant thing for the therapist, is that subsequently a burden might not test for many weeks. You could say that it is terminated!

The Terminator was born

Obviously it is impossible to implement this in day-to-day praxis. You would have to re-test and adjust everything every few minutes, which could take up to an hour for one single burden.

Thus the idea was born to program this into the device so that it happens automatically.

This highly-effective program is called the Terminator.

Although this was developed for cancer patients, as you can image, after a very short time it has become indispensable for the treatment of allergies, candida, heavy metals, many fungi – just to mention the most important ones here…

This raises a justified objection:

Could one not use a maximum wobbling time in therapy to start with and therefore cover everything?

Naturally, that was the first thought and first attempt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Despite starting with a high wobbling time, the shorter ones are not covered and they will continue to test. The Terminator Effect does not happen.

Please test this for yourself!

The Terminator will became an indispensable

instrument in the hands of every successful bioresonance therapist.

New Trikombin devices will receive the program already on delivery. Devices that are in circulation can be upgraded with minimum effort.