Daily we are exposed to thousands of external pathogenic influences that constantly weaken our vitality and health. To counteract this burden two principles should be applied:

  • 1. Regular discharge

    A charge is any unprocessed, undigested stress or information on physical, psychological (and other) levels. Each environmental toxin, air pollution, stress factors and any overloading of the body through the hustle and bustle of today’s time, which cannot be processed, produces charge. Inevitably, we have to find a way to discharge ourselves again, if we want to keep our health in balance.

  • 2. A functioning diamond shield (Diamond Shield)

    Our body has an intricately woven network which has the purpose to protect us from external influences -> the energetic system of meridians. However, this system weakens with time due to overloading, and thus the above mentioned charges may be generated. In addition to discharging we have to find a way to regenerate and strengthen our important protective shield permanently.

So what is the connection between these two principles?

Einfach Wohlfühlen mit dem Diamond Shield Zapper

Each meridian is an energetic representative and functional circuit of an organ and transports and regulates all the charges of the organs allocated to it. To ensure that this function will even be maintained under heavy pressure, we must be able to daily give our meridian system the correct impulse through its own vibrations and discharge it at the same time.

To illustrate this, imagine our meridian system being the waste and fresh water system of a building. The building must be supplied with fresh water and at the same time dirt and waste are discharged into the sewerage system. If the system is heavily blocked and the usual means no longer work, the plumber has to connect a shaker to the system (in our case the Diamond Shield Zapper) which cleans the tubes with a vibration. The dirt, lime, and other things (in our case, the discharge into the ground) dissolved from the tube walls will be passed into the sewerage system. Only when the frequency reaches exactly the natural frequency of the material, the entire dirt dissolves. A frequency which is too high won’t have an effect and a frequency which is too low (slow knocking) won’t either. Where does the dirt (charges) go, which came off? Well, where do all discharges of nature go? INTO THE EARTH! It is in fact that easy.