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Health practitioner Baklayan’s website

Practical website of health practitioner A. E. Baklayan, the developer of the Diamond Shield Zapper IE. Mr. Baklayan, among other things, runs the oldest and most successful Kung Fu and Tai Chi School in Munich and looks back onto 30 years of professional experience. Learn more about his career and find out more about current events and seminars that Mr. Baklayan holds regularly.

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Self-help Baklayan

Here you will find information about the possible backgrounds of many chronic illnesses, such as asthma, allergies, psoriasis, eczema and more. Further you will find out about blockages and overloading of a healthy immune response, inter alia by parasites, chronic borreliosis and environmental stress.

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Zapper recommendation by Dr. Neidert

Dr. Jens Neidert as well recommends the regular use of the Zapper in chronic Lyme disease to strengthen the immune system.

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Overview of the home-frequency therapy with the ChipCard technology

Here you will find a clear and concise summary of the existing programs for ChipCards.

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Customer reviews with the Diamond Shield IE Zapper

If you want to read some of the success stories that the Zapper has already brought forth, you should do a little reading here. Customers report on their experiences with the Zapper and describe how their lives have improved.

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Alan E. Baklayan has not only developed the Diamond Shield Zapper, which should make life easier for the patient, but also the TRIKOMBIN, the trimensionale frequency device. This revolutionary, unique machine designed to facilitate the work of therapists and also spare them the burden of negative charges of the previous conventional therapies.

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Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark was one of the pioneers on the way to the present state of the Diamond Shield Zapper. With the Clark Zapper she made it possible for natural health professional Alan E. Baklayan to further testing and exploring the limits of frequency application.

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