At  a glance

Healing up skin blemishes

Bioenergetic testing by therapist

Meridians large intestine, lung, threefold warmer

For self-help: 

Supporting ChipCards:

  • DTX activates excretion and detoxification
  • Diamond Shield Program Basic balancing of energy levels
  • IM (Immune-Modulation)


  • Healing Frequency search term acne
  • Frequency Compendium II searchindex acne

The chipcard contains Rife frequencies and Clark frequencies, e.g. Staphylococcus aureus, Nocardia asteroides, Ascaris megalocephala, Leishmania donovani.

Attention: Accompanying intestinal rehabilitation urgently necessary. See ChipCard DTX. A diet low in carbohydrates has a supporting effect.

Application                                              Time (minutes)

Akn  1-10                                               47 min