The respective frequency ranges basically serve to harmonize and regulate the meridian system of TCM on different levels and layers. It is not quite easy to translate this effect into symptomatic terminology. The description below is intended to present an overall picture of the effect of the frequencies.

In order to benefit from the regulation/harmonization of these ChipCards, you do not have to literally recognize all the conditions within you, but the tendency direction.

This chipcard consists of 14 coordinated frequency ranges. According to classical TCM, the prostate area belongs to the bladder meridian as well as functionally to the liver meridian. Therefore, these two meridians are both attenuated and supported on several sublevels. At the humoral level, they are attenuated to counteract congestion. On the vegetative vital sublevel, they are supported to counteract the decreasing vitality in the abdomen.

The non-specific immune system is stimulated at the cellular level to prevent any germs in this area. The energetic congestion at the cellular level is attenuated to facilitate prostate function.

The connective tissue meridian is stimulated several times at different sublevels to counteract prostate remodeling and prostate enlargement.