The Schumann frequency is the natural frequency of the earth. Today, this frequency is called the "biological normal" because humans need these signals.

The scientist M. A. Persinger was involved when the occurred physiological problems of NASA astronauts could be solved by using Schumann wave generators in manned space flight.

Rüdiger Wever conducted a study at the Max Planck Institute in Erling - Andechs on how people react in a magnetically shielded room. During the one-month stay of the test persons, there was a disturbance of the circadian rhythm (the so-called "inner clock"), i.e. a destabilization of the wake-sleep rhythm, the daily course of the body temperature, change of the cortisone level, etc.

O'Keefe and L. Nadel published evidence that the Schumann frequency occurs in the hippocampus and is in the theta range of human brain waves. The hippocampus is important for attention and concentration.

Source: Planetary Systems of the Earth 1 - Classical Systems: Klaus Piontzik, Books on Demand

According to the calculations of naturopath Baklayan, the range of 7.83/7.84 Hz within the vital sublevel of the body corresponds to the gallbladder point 26. Its name is "point of the girdle path". The girdle pathway is one of the 8 special vessels that connects the energy center on the spine, called "Gate of Life" with the central energy center below the navel, called Tan'tien or Hara. So this is about centering and earthing the person. It is used in acupuncture to guide, support and harmonize the Chi in the lower area. As you can easily see, an incredible correspondence.

Regular use of the chipcard can be helpful when earthing yourself and finding your center.