New chip card generation

HP Baklayan came up with the simple idea of charging acupuncture points with their own frequency through micro currents when they are exhausted. In other words, when these individual mini-batteries are empty.

This gave rise to a new generation of ChipCards that can have a very impressive effect on the overall exhausted, overworked and chronically ill people of today.

The effect of this ChipCard is based on the calculations of the Harmonical Frequency Application according to Baklayan. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated the exact frequency of each TCM meridian and then, within each meridian, the frequency of all acupuncture points.

Thyroid ChipCard

In any person suffering from a chronic disease, hypothyroidism should first be ruled out.

The thyroid hormone T3 is essential to maintain the electrical voltage of every cell in the body. The thyroid hormone T2 plays an essential role in the mitochondria, namely in the production of ATP. Mitochondria are our energy producers and the ATP represents the available energy itself. This connection alone among many shows the importance of healthy thyroid function.

Effect of the SD-CC

The effect of these chip cards is based on the calculations of the Baklayan Harmonic Frequency Application. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated not only the exact frequency of each acupuncture meridian, but also the frequency of each acupuncture point.

The SD-ChipCard consists of a special combination of precisely calculated frequencies of acupuncture points that activate the thyroid gland. The results of its use on people suffering from chronic fatigue were more than impressive.

The basic idea of alternative practitioner Baklayan is to recharge and activate exactly those acupuncture points that are responsible for controlling the thyroid gland. Many of these points, by the way, are located near the thyroid gland or on the meridians that cross it.


Hypothyroidism is a common phenomenon that affects many people. It is routinely underdiagnosed. Conventional medicine is guided by general laboratory values and does not recognize hypothyroidism until the values are significantly below normal.

Symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, and decreased performance are typical of latent hypothyroidism that is not recognized.

Typical symptoms of hypothyroidism are:

  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Cold feet and or hands
  • Fatigue, increased need for sleep, listlessness, listlessness
  • Slowed reflexes
  • Weakness of memory, depressive moods
  • Weight gain and increased blood lipid levels (especially cholesterol, particularly LDL cholesterol may be elevated)
  • Muscle weakness, stiffness and pain
  • Cool and pale dry skin
  • Myxedema: doughy swelling of the subcutaneous connective tissue, especially on the arms and legs and face. Affected person appears "puffy"
  • Brittle, fragile hair, increased hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Dry skin
  • Hoarse, deep voice; slow, slurred speech
  • Throat symptoms, sudden raspy voice without cold symptoms, swallowing

Difficulty, marked gag reflex, thickened tongue, biting more often,

intolerance of neck jewelry or of clothing that constricts the throat

  • Chronic constipation
  • Possibly a goiter (goiter)
  • Fluid accumulation in the eyelids (eyelid edema)
  • Irregular menstrual periods in women, unfulfilled desire to have children, or reduced ability to conceive
  • Reduction of sexual desire and potency in men
  • In severe, long-standing and untreated hypothyroidism, slowed heartbeat, lowered and specifically increased diastolic blood pressure (second blood pressure reading) may occur. The coronary arteries may calcify and heart muscle weakness or pericardial effusion may occur

If you are clearly suffering from more than three of the above symptoms, you should consider that you are living with mild to severe hypothyroidism.

By using the SD ChipCard, the difference in your overall condition will be immediately noticeable.


  • The SD-ChipCard should be used daily until the internal batteries are sufficiently charged again.
  • On the first day: run it through once.
  • On the second day: if you do not feel any difference, you can run the ChipCard 2 or 3 times. If you already feel better, once is enough.
  • After 3 days at the latest (usually) one run per day should be enough.
  • After one week, the thyroid function should have normalized due to the influx from the corresponding acupuncture points, so you can now reduce the application to every other day.
  • After another week, twice a week application should be sufficient.

Application of the SD-ChipCard

1. day

1x 1 run through

2. – 3. day

1x 1-3 run throughs

4.– 7. day

1x 1 run through daily

from the 8. day

1x 1 run through every 2. day

from the 15. day

2x 1 run through per week

after max. 12 weeks

1x 1 run through per week

For optimization, to increase the flow of ions at the cell membranes, it is necessary to take MineralvitGold.

What to do if the effect does not start?

Attention! If the effect does not start or is always short-lived, it indicates that the organism is so exhausted that it is not able to produce and store the necessary current.

In order to function properly, the thyroid gland needs, among other things, trace elements, which are contained in the following preparations:

  • Mannayan PowerIodine+ two to four capsules daily.
  • My Glucofriend+ 1 to 2 capsules daily. Contains selenium, zinc and copper. Selenium deficiency is common. In all thyroid disorders, selenium is part of the diet because it is necessary for the formation of thyroid hormones. In Hashimoto thyroiditis it should be 200 micrograms daily.
  • Deca-Mineral+ one to two tablets daily. Contains zinc and iron.
  • L'Glutathione one to two capsules daily.
  • Vitamin C+ one to two capsules daily
  • Lugol solution 3x 1 - 3 drops daily

Start taking Mannayan Lugol's solution with 3x 1 drop after meals with plenty of water. For taste reasons it can be mixed in 1 tablespoon of yogurt. If well tolerated, increase by 3x 1 drop daily to the dosage of 3x 3 drops daily.

For most, this dosage will be quite sufficient to boost thyroid function and the body's overall metabolism. Your body will thank you and you will soon forget about your exhaustion low.

Duration of the cure

In the majority of cases it is necessary to take these preparations for at least six to eight weeks, together with ChipCard application twice a week to recharge your reserves. After a maximum of 12 weeks, you should continue to use the SD-ChipCard at least once a week, and one capsule of each of the above-mentioned preparations and 1 drop of Lugol's solution per day should be sufficient. If this is not the case, there is a blockage in your thyroid gland and you should see a capable therapist.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how long the maintenance dose should be maintained. If you feel fit and vital, you can stop the regimen and monitor your condition. As soon as performance drops again, one should immediately start again with the maintenance dose. Do not wait until your batteries are empty again and you have to start all over again.

Application blockages

According to Hp Baklayan, if despite abundant use of the SD ChipCard and preparations, the expected effect still does not materialize, there are severe blockages that hinder the functioning of the thyroid gland.

The most common blockages that are tested directly on the thyroid gland are:

  • Heavy metal loadings
  • Candida contamination
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Mycobacteria
  • Electrosmog, electrosensitivity or static electric charges
  • dysfunction of the adrenal gland
  • chronic iodine deficiency

Again, a few notes for iodine deficiency:

  • Iodine is obviously very important for thyroid function, but it also performs other functions, such as:
  • Any cell that has secretion, which is almost every cell in the body, needs iodine as a transporter to move secretions out of the cell.
  • Studies, like the one by Guy Abraham, MD, show that most adults need 12 to 25 mg of iodine per day. Through normal salt consumption, we get only one-thousandth of what the body actually needs.
  • Without iodine, stomach acid cannot be adequately produced. Without stomach acid, we become allergic to all the proteins that are not broken down into amino acids in the stomach. Including the proteins of wheat, like gluten, which can be one of the factors in gluten intolerance.
  • Iodine helps detoxify fluorides.
  • Note: In cases of hypothyroidism, most people are only routinely prescribed levothyroxine T4. This is a synthetic thyroxine that only appears to replace the functions of T2 and T3.

For 12 weeks

M. PowerJod+

2 – 4 capsules daily

M. My Glucofriend+

1 – 2 capsules daily

M. Deca-Mineral+

1 – 2 tablets daily


1 – 2 capsules daily (à 500mg)

M. Vit. C+

1 – 2 capsules daily

M. Lugol-solution

3x daily 1 – 3 drops

after max. 12 weeks

reduce to 1 capsule / tablet each

Testimonial of a user, male, 55 years old

When I read through the symptoms concerning hypothyroidism, I could clearly see myself in several of them. And since I already owned a Diamond Shield, it was natural for me to try the Thyroid ChipCard right away.

I was very surprised to feel some kind of activation in my body already after the first application, feeling extremely tired afterwards, one/two hours later. The next day though, after sleeping on it, so to speak, I actually felt fitter than usual.

On the second day, I forgot to run the thyroid program and so on the third day, of course, I had the usual tiredness and fatigue again. This motivated me to try the chip card again. With the same effect, i.e. I felt a bit vibratory again and got tired, but the next day I was a bit fitter again.

I was disappointed though that it didn't last long - after half a day I felt the usual exhaustion again. Then I thought about doing it more often according to the instructions, because the beginning of my state of exhaustion was practically decades ago. I then did the program twice a day and then clearly felt the difference. That is, it had such a strong effect that I woke up very early the next day and could not sleep because I was already wide awake. I continued like this from that point on, so I applied the SD ChipCard twice a day.

Nevertheless, the effect wore off after a few days. Although the effect was clear, which was very encouraging, on the other hand it could not last and therefore I decided to use the indicated formula as well, although I do not like to take so many preparations. Since I wanted the effect quickly, I took the formula in relatively high doses, that is, with the maximum doses indicated, and also continued to do the SD program once a day. It was then that the effect held very well in the meantime. I no longer have afternoon fatigue, I am awake in the morning, I sleep better, the tendency to constipation is completely gone, I am more concentrated at work and still other symptoms are clearly better.

I did the program according to this instruction and prescription for 3 weeks, but then got sloppy again. I got a little tired of taking so much and spending so much time on it. Due to various factors, I stopped again and hoped that the effect would last by itself.

But promptly, after three to four days I had all my previous symptoms back relatively quickly. Now I really got it and decided to do the regimen consistently for 12 weeks. Although I gradually reduced the remedies a bit and did the SD ChipCard only once a day, after 6 weeks I did it only every other day and then actually every third day as indicated.

The effect lasts fantastically and I stopped the cure after the specified time. I suspect that I will have to do this cure once or twice a year to maintain the effect, but that would not be so bad, since my previous state of exhaustion and fatigue, which has lasted for decades, is no comparison to the small investment in time and preparations.