New chip card generation

HP Baklayan came up with the simple idea of charging acupuncture points with their own frequency through micro currents when they are exhausted. In other words, when these individual mini-batteries are empty.

This gave rise to a new generation of ChipCards that can have a very impressive effect on the overall exhausted, overworked and chronically ill people of today.

The effect of this ChipCard is based on the calculations of the Harmonical Frequency Application according to Baklayan. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated the exact frequency of each TCM meridian and then, within each meridian, the frequency of all acupuncture points.

ChipCard SEH

The focusing of the image in the eye is adjusted, among other things, by the small muscles around the eye. This is also the explanation why the eyes of the stressed person (even the stressed child) become worse. When we walk around with tense necks, shoulders and facial features, right down to the scalp, it is not surprising that the small muscles around the eyes are also affected.

Other factors that affect the function of the eyes are always the many environmental toxins that accumulate in the eyes (aqueous humour and lens). It is my personal experience that especially solvents and heavy metals like to accumulate in the eyes in the course of life and then lead to degenerative diseases of the eye. This can often be counteracted by a thorough detoxification of the eye.

The eye also has a very sensitive metabolism and must be protected at all times. Thus, it is well known that certain substances must be present in high concentrations. However, due to the chronic lack of vital substances in the whole body, these high concentrations cannot be maintained in the eye. This leads to various degenerative processes.

The meridian point therapy

Finally, the breakdown of tension in all cell membranes in and around the eye is also responsible for the development of numerous diseases and signs of ageing. However, this can be counteracted by

activating all meridian points whose task is precisely to maintain the electrical tension in and around the eye.

This activation is the first step in restoring the entire function of the eye.

These meridian points include:

Here is a description of how the points that are activated work:

- Large Intestine Meridian

The SEH ChipCard stimulates a number of acupuncture points that are directly related to the function of the eyes, their muscles and cellular tissues. For example, points from the large intestine meridian that clear vision. The large intestine meridian ends on the face near the eyes. The connection between short-sightedness and the muscles that are affected by shoulder and neck pain also becomes clear here.

- Stomach meridian

Then of course points from the stomach meridian. The stomach meridian starts directly under the eye and has a very intimate relationship with the eyes, so there is also an influence here that has a clearing effect on the whole vision. With the stomach points used, there is a connection with lacrimation, all kinds of visual disorders with the indication of eye diseases, conjunctivitis, short-sightedness and long-sightedness, colour and night blindness, inflammations and atrophies of the optic nerve, cataracts, up to unilateral paralysis of the facial muscles, twitching of the facial muscles and even tinnitus. With further stomach points swelling of the face, glaucoma.

- Small Intestine Meridian

Now continue to the small intestine meridian, which again supports the facial musculature with some points, because it ends there. Some of the points have a connection to the wood element. This represents liver and gall bladder and in Chinese medicine any eye symptomatology is always connected to the liver. You have to remember that. Here there are indications such as reddened eyes, veils in front of the eyes, up to nosebleeds, and again tinnitus. Also again the neck and headache, indicating tension in the head, as well as shoulder and back pain.

- Bladder meridian

After that the bladder meridian. It starts at the root of the nose and runs down the whole back to the little toe. From the root of the nose it runs over the crown of the head. There are several points there that have a deep relationship to the eye. Indications such as myopia, i.e. short-sightedness, pain and redness of the eyes, strabismus, night blindness, atrophy of the optic nerves, retinitis, early stages of cataract, forehead headache, defective vision, clouded vision, lacrimation, eye redness, itching, pain, corneal opacity and twitching of the eyelids can be mentioned here.Then it continues with points on the scalp that have dizziness and headaches, eye haze and again night blindness as indications. And some other points that stand for unbearable pain in the eyes, as if they were pulled out of their sockets. Also for short-sightedness and violent headaches.

Other points from the Bladder meridian mention headache, blurred vision, painfulness of the eyes, redness, again a tightening of the muscles and blocked nose and also haze in the eye, eye pain.

- 3-fold warmer meridian

Then there are points from the triple warmer, which is responsible for the metabolic energy distribution on all three floors of the body, as well as hormonal control. Here are points that also end very close to the eyes and temples and these points also have indications such as headaches, reddened eyes, weakened vision, facial twitching. Here you can see the same connections again.

- Gall bladder meridian

Then of course we have points from the gall bladder. Also on this meridian there are some points in the head area, the meridian starts exactly at the side of the eye. Because it belongs to the wood element, it has a very important (regulatory) function as far as the eyes are concerned. And here we also find such indications as eye diseases, veils before the eyes, night blindness, conjunctivitis, short-sightedness (myopia) and headaches. These all belong to the gallbladder points. Furthermore, from the gallbladder meridian - still in the head area - there are points for watery eyes, blurred vision, veils in front of the eyes, upward turning eyes, seizures, spasms, paralysis, apoplectic symptoms - here you notice again that everything has to do with increased tension, up to back of the head pain.

- Liver meridian

Then we finally come to the liver meridian, which - as I said - represents the wood element with the gall bladder and has a direct connection to the eye. Here, of course, we can also look for some connections with eye diseases, such as visual disturbances, dizziness and general regulation.

Eyes and mitochondria

How sensitively the eye reacts to our metabolism is also shown by the fact that the eye has the highest mitochondrial density of the whole body. The body cannot afford the slightest fluctuations in this area. In the lens capsule, glutathione is just as highly concentrated as in the liver. This again shows the connection to the liver, which has been known in Chinese medicine for centuries. When exposed to light, the oxygen radicals in the eye increase. As an additional protection, it needs vitamin C - the eye water contains 20 to 25 times higher concentrations of vitamin C than the blood. It should now be clear to any layperson how important a supply of natural vitamin C is.

The high metabolic demands placed on the eye require special protective factors in addition to glutathione and vitamin C. These are tocopherols, i.e. vitamin E for the retina, carotenoids - vitamin A and beta-carotenes for the macula, as well as zinc and unsaturated fatty acids to neutralise the short-wave light rays. In the yellow spot, lutein and zeaxanthin are needed as filters. Lutein also has an anti-inflammatory effect and inhibits inflammation of the eye skin caused by environmental toxins.

Many eye diseases are not diseases of the eyes alone, but signs of massive nutrient deficiencies and biochemical malfunctions.

In glaucoma, vitamin C and glutathione are low. There are about 1 million glaucoma patients in Germany. 50,000 of those affected are blind and 1,000 more become blind every year. This need not be the case. With a sufficient supply of vital substances, many things could be delayed or even completely avoided.

Vitamin E with all 8 natural isomers (α-, β-, γ-, δ-tocopherol and α-, β-, γ-, δ-tocotrienol) should always be taken, coenzyme Q10 (3 to 10 mg/kg body weight), vitamin C, unsaturated fatty acids and a vitamin B complex. Several studies have shown the importance of micronutrients in macular degeneration. Especially zeaxanthin and lutein are absolutely necessary.

Supportive measures

As already mentioned, it is extremely necessary to have enough protection in the form of antioxidants, carotenoids and flavonoids, especially in the eye, because the entire function of the eye depends on them.

MANNASICHT+ contains an ideal combination - first of all vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants of all - for the body, the eye tissue and its healthy functions.

Then it contains a lot of concentrated lutein, a carotenoid also found in vegetables such as spinach. This is also an antioxidant, it filters blue light so it can protect the retina somewhat from UV damage. According to studies, it can have a preventive effect against age-related degeneration of the macula.

The preparation also contains zeaxanthin. In the centre of the retina of the eye, the macula, almost only lutein and zeaxanthin are present. This is why these vital substances are so important for the health of the eye.

Blueberries are very rich in anthocyanides, which act on the tightness of the capillaries and stimulate the production of rhodopsin. This visual pigment is very important for night vision.

It also contains grape seed extract, one of the most powerful antioxidants, which protects small blood vessels in particular.

This combination helps to build up the eye and protect it from UV light and skin ageing.


Grape seed extract 10:1 (95% proanthocyanin) 60 mg.

Blueberry extract 4:1 (2 % anthocyanin)               50 mg

Zinc                                                                                 3 mg

Vitamin E                                                                       14 mg

Calendula extract (5 % meso-zeaxanthin)             0.25 mg

Calendula extract (19 % zeaxanthin)                      0.25 mg

Calendula extract (10 % lutein)                               15 mg

In addition to this basic preparation I recommend

Glutathione 1 x 1 500 mg

Mannayan vitamin C 2x1

Mannayan vitamin E complex 1x1

Coenzyme Q10 3 -10 mg /kg body weight

Mannayan Vitamin B Active 1x1

Mannayan Vitamin A 1x 1 (5000 IU Vit A Palmitate)

Beta-carotene 1x 1 15 mg

Mannayan Zinc 2x1

Unsaturated fatty acids in the form of at least 2 tablespoons of linseed oil, sesame oil, or peanut oil alternately. Can be mixed into salad and other foods.

Extra support

The pinhole glasses

To relax the small muscles around the eye mentioned above and to train the eye to focus, pinhole glasses have proven very effective. I can recommend it to everyone - even non-glasses wearers - to read or walk with them for at least 20 minutes a day. You will be amazed at the relaxing effect. I myself wear glasses and can confirm that after half an hour of wearing pinhole glasses, my eyes improve by half a diopter and my ordinary glasses are too strong for a while afterwards.