Diamond Shield Zapper Chipcard SLIM

New chip card generation

HP Baklayan came up with the simple idea of charging acupuncture points with their own frequency through micro currents when they are exhausted. In other words, when these individual mini-batteries are empty.

This gave rise to a new generation of ChipCards that can have a very impressive effect on the overall exhausted, overworked and chronically ill people of today.

The effect of this ChipCard is based on the calculations of the Harmonical Frequency Application according to Baklayan. In this system, Mr. Baklayan has mathematically calculated the exact frequency of each TCM meridian and then, within each meridian, the frequency of all acupuncture points.

ChipCard Slim

The slimming chip card was developed

for people who, despite all their efforts, cannot lose weight, i.e. for whom there is probably a metabolic blockade that prevents all attempts and all common sense from achieving their goal.
to prevent the kilos from coming back on after one has lost weight.

When the metabolism slows down for various reasons and exhaustion sets in, especially hormonal or vegetative, it is often the case that despite all dietary and accompanying measures, losing weight is extremely difficult, or, as soon as the measures are stopped, the kilos are immediately back on it, because the basic problem, namely the metabolism, has not yet changed. This does not only concern people over 50, where it develops gradually, but can occur much earlier with today's way of life. The number of people who go to the doctor's office and say: "I can do whatever I want, I won't lose weight" is not insignificant and they are often met with skepticism about their sincerity.


The prerequisite for the Slim ChipCard to work is, of course, that there is no hypothyroidism. If this is suspected, it is essential to use the SD ChipCard first (or in parallel) and to include all the measures explained in the chapter on hypothyroidism. Please refer to ChipCard SD.
Effect of the Slim-CC

The chip card is designed in such a way that acupuncture points, which are responsible for controlling the metabolism, have been programmed on this chip card, so that when these points are exhausted, these mini-accumulators (i.e. the acupuncture points) are recharged by the special frequencies. Then, when the mini-accumulators are fully recharged, they immediately boost the metabolism and the "weight loss blockade" is broken.

Here is a description of the mode of action of the controlled points:

- Stomach meridian

Some points of the stomach meridian are involved. The stomach meridian is also responsible for "separating the cloudy from the clear" in Chinese medicine. This translates to mean that an initial selection of nutrients from our food that we need or do not need begins here. It is also responsible for the tone of the whole body, which means that if the stomach meridian has no more vital force, the metabolism will also slow down. That is why several relevant points are targeted here. These points also neutralize cold states. After all, a cold condition shows that there is a metabolic slowdown.

In addition, they also cause the vital force to be dynamized and moved, and a stimulation of the metabolism to begin at various levels. Also included are stomach points, which stimulate the hormonal system.
- Liver meridian

Furthermore, liver meridian points are controlled, which again supply vital forces to the lower abdominal area. As we know, the liver is a very important organ, which is also responsible for the regulation of sugar and fat metabolism. Among them are also points where the elemental force of man for metabolism is stimulated once again.
- Large intestine meridian

Points from the large intestine, which are also to stimulate the metabolism.
- Spleen/Pancreas meridian

There are also some points from the spleen/pancreas meridian. Here, of course, the sugar metabolism is primarily affected. This in turn additionally strengthens the spleen and stomach meridian, discharges unnecessary juices and so-called phlegm blockages. Too much phlegm (phlegm is cold and consumes energy) in turn slows down the metabolism. The Spleen/Pancreas points also stimulate digestion so that there is no stagnation here.
- Bladder meridian

Then there are also bladder points, which in turn have a cross connection to the power of the spleen. These work through the back. The theme here is again assimilation, i.e. support for the absorption of fine nutrients and also regulation of unnecessary juices.
- 3-heater meridian

Then we have points directly from the hormone meridian, which influence hormones, which are to stimulate practically the whole metabolism again and indirectly also the vitality of the element wood, so that the liver becomes more active.
- Circulation and heart meridian

Then we would also have the beneficial effect on the circulatory system from points of the circulatory meridian, so that the heat can flow, and also from the heart meridian, which strengthen the work of the heart. Here, through the heart is stabilized and also again stimulates the elemental force, the primordial chi.
- Handlebar Vessel

And finally, there are points from the Governing Vessel, which runs over the back and stimulates practically all Yang pathways, i.e. everything that has to do with metabolism, regulates the liver, supports the heart and promotes warmth in the lower abdominal area.

And all these points, respectively their frequencies, are stored in an optimal way, so that the metabolism is supported here in a plan of losing weight.

For optimization, to increase the flow of ions at the cell membranes, it is necessary to take MineralvitGold 3 x 20 drops daily.

Mitochondria - power plants of the cells and obesity

Mitochondria are small, mostly oval particles, hundreds to thousands of which are found in almost every cell. The more metabolically active an organ is, the more mitochondria it contains. In heart cells, they account for up to 36% of the weight. Mitochondria are very susceptible to damage and their ability to repair is very low. At 20% damage, the individual can compensate for it. At 40%, symptoms appear, such as a decrease in resilience, alcohol is less tolerated, weight gain. Further stress, such as psychostress, infections, vaccinations, medication intake can then lead to damage of up to 60% of the mitochondrial DNA copies and trigger massive diseases.

Mitochondria are also responsible for cellular respiration, fatty acid synthesis and the breakdown of keto, fatty and amino acids, among other things. From all this, it is obvious why they interest us in weight loss.

Overweight people almost always show dysfunction of mitochondria and sugar is not converted to energy but to body fat.

The nitrosative stress (cell poisoning) has been shown to inhibit carbohydrate utilization and lead to increased storage of body fat and increased blood lipid levels- up to fatty liver and cirrhosis resulting from mitochondrial insufficiency.

The special frequencies from the Slim ChipCard optimally stimulate the acupuncture points that control the metabolism. Cellular respiration (ATP) improves by up to one hundred percent for up to 24 hours. However, if the electrical ions that power these little generators do not find an appropriate substance (fuel) to function (burn and produce energy), the process comes to a halt after 24 hours. This is the reason why I strongly advise to take the following preparations, parallel to your other efforts.

In my practice, I test the level of mitochondrial activity in almost every patient and prescribe the appropriate remedies to optimize it. This saves a lot of time in therapy and helps tremendously in achieving goals.

Incidentally, it has been proven that an obese metabolic condition can be triggered by numerous drugs, such as diuretics, beta-blockers, glucocorticoids, antidepressants, protease inhibitors, immunosuppressants and statins.

Obese people often have a vitamin B12 deficiency, and this is already detectable in fat children. The cause is that adipose tissue promotes inflammation, which increases nitrosative stress, which in turn depletes vitamin B12. As a result, obese people have nerve pain, numbness, tingling and paresthesias in their hands and feet at an early age. In extreme obesity, the γ-GT liver level is elevated as a sign of inflammation. This in turn reflects impaired glutathione metabolism and in many cases has nothing to do with alcohol consumption.

Restless children also need sugar reduction with B12 support.

Fructose significantly increases blood pressure and makes you fat faster than glucose. Fructose also increases fat formation and blood lipids.

Who would like to deal with this topic intensively and scientifically, I recommend: Mitochondrientherapie - die Alternative by Dr.sc.med. Bodo Kuklinski and Dr. Anja Schemionek.

On the dietary setting

In my decades of practice, I have repeatedly had the experience that patients placed on a strict Candida diet have lost over 90% of their weight naturally. This experience should definitely be used here as well. This means (for the Candida diet) that

fast digestible sugar is forbidden, this includes sugar in any form,
all white flour products,
alcoholic beverages, of course also sugary drinks and
to do also without fruit, since the fruit sugar is likewise utilized by the Candida.

When losing weight, the latter is not urgent, although great care must be taken here. A few berries are fine, but a banana is obviously a sugar and calorie bomb. You certainly won't be able to lose weight if you don't give up sweets and too much fruit. I recommend that anyone who really can't lose weight, in addition to using the Slim ChipCard, stick to the dietary measures mentioned during this time.


Without exercise, in my experience, weight loss is very very difficult. There are several free apps you can download to your phone here that will count your steps every day. Some apps even tell you how many steps you should walk to lose weight and remind you to drink enough water.

The best way is always through your own experience, which means increasing your physical activity every day until you figure out for yourself from one day to the next how many steps you need to achieve weight loss. In my opinion, experiencing a pleasant sweat 4 times a week should be the norm. Walking, in my experience, only applies after the age of 80.


When you lose weight, it is essential that you drink enough water to flush out all the released waste products as well. Depending on your weight, 1.5 to 2 liters of high-quality water (not tap water) are necessary. Teas and mineral water do not count towards this amount, but can be taken in addition. Fruit juices are not included because of the sugar content. Many are surprised that careful documentation at the end of the day reveals that they do not drink enough water after all.

Calorie counting

Third, I recommend that everyone also download a free calorie counter app and carefully record what you eat for a few weeks. This holds a lot of surprises, such as which foods you always thought were low in calories actually have a lot of them and, more importantly, what quantities of them you consume. Some of these apps calculate by age and weight how many calories one may consume. This often doesn't quite match the result of losing weight, but it's very useful to have a reference point.
Intermittent fasting

Furthermore, I recommend, more or less, to practice "Intermittent Fasting", in any case to reduce one's food intake to twice a day with very few exceptions. This can be managed well, and thus one does not have to do without too much. Intermittent fasting contains a very important lesson: you learn to appreciate a natural small feeling of hunger. The small feeling of hunger is a natural therapy. The body is relieved of the constantly full stomach and can finally boost other functions, such as detoxification and fat loss. We are usually more active and feel lighter. After a few days, the compulsion to constantly stuff your stomach to feel better disappears.

My own experience

My own experience was that, in spite of sensible exercise, calorie counting, only two meals a day, where I abstained from a lot, and taking nutritional supplements, losing weight was very slow. And here the weight loss chip card immediately worked very well. But only after the thyroid function was brought to a normal level with the SD chip card. From then on, the measures worked very well.

Maintaining weight with the weight loss chip card.

This is the big question for everyone, the big crux. And this is exactly where the Slim ChipCard can be of excellent help. The most common complaint and reason for resignation is that after losing weight, the kilos are soon on it again. 2 reasons are responsible for it:

The metabolic situation has not changed.
You fall back into your old patterns.

- To the first point:

No one wants to be put on a diet his whole life. But if the metabolic situation remains as it is, you will inevitably gain weight again. But this is where the Slim and SD smart cards can help well. You need to find out what your maintenance dose is. For some, a single weekly application is enough. For others, the chip card needs to run 2 times a week to stay fit, often in combination with the SD chip card. On average, the Slim ChipCard should run once every 4 days.

- Do I have to run these programs for life?

No. Once your mini-batteries are recharged and metabolism has normalized, this is no longer necessary. But beware, this may well take 6 to 8 months in the case of exhaustion and other chronic illnesses.

- On the second point:

Once you have spent several weeks using your diet in combination with the weight loss chip card and have reached your desired weight, be sure to maintain some of the good habits you have formed.

This includes:

drinking enough water
Maintaining an appropriate stint of exercise.
eating fewer carbohydrates with an instinctive sense of caloric intake
Intermittent fasting regularly on certain days when appropriate.
Maintenance dose of supplements:
Power B 2 x weekly 1
B active 2 x weekly 1
Mineral salt 1 x 1 daily
My Glucofriend 1x 1 daily
Vitamin D3 1x1 daily
MineralvitGold 1 x 20 drops daily

This, in combination with the Slim-ChipCard will help you to find your personal equal weight. For this I wish you much strength and success.

Your Hp Alan E. Baklayan