Who was Royal Raymond Rife?

U.S. researcher, developer, and one of the founders of frequency therapy, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was born and raised in a German-speaking area of Nebraska on May 16, 1888. After the tragic death of his mother, just 8 months after his birth, Rife was taken into care by his father's sister. Rife had a desire to become a doctor from a young age. Possibly the early loss of his mother was also a reason. At the age of 17, Rife's interest in bacteriology was already so great that this did not go undetected by John Hopkins University. He also studied microscopy, or lens technology, and in 1908 he was able to graduate. Royal Rife was a brilliant optician and was able to photograph many samples of microorganisms very early on. For this he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Medicine degree in parasitology in 1914.

Dr. Rife's areas of research

Royal Rife's outstanding knowledge as an optician was used to revolutionize the development of the microscope. But he was not only an innovative developer in this field. For when Rife then moved to California in 1912 and married there, it was difficult to get a job in bacteriology. So he had to work as a chauffeur, which in retrospect turned out to be a stroke of luck. Because Rife's employer was very interested in his research and the two became fast friends. Shortly thereafter, Rife built a 2600 horsepower engine for his friend's racing boats and was able to showcase his talents to the world for the first time. But that wasn't all, because when these powerful engines caused problems for the ball bearings, Rife simply invented an X-ray machine to analyze the materials, which saved the racing boat owner a lot of money. This invention gave Rife lifetime payments, which he could then invest in his own field of research. From Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's decades of research came two revolutionary and groundbreaking medical developments that would have the potential to change the world, are still being worked with today, and continue to be researched.

The Universal Microscope

Dr. Rife spent his life researching pathogenic microorganisms and identified several new microorganisms. He also discovered that these organisms were chemically quite individual in composition and also had their own electrical property and polarity. After this discovery, he pursued the question of how the different microorganisms reacted when exposed to different frequencies. During his research work, however, he despaired again and again of the poorly performing microscopes of the time, and so he built microscopes himself and continued to develop them until, after a few years, Rife was finally able to develop his unique universal microscope with a 31,000-fold resolution and an incredible 60,000-fold magnification. This was an incredible phenomenon by the standards of the time.

The Rife Tube and the Rife List

Now Dr. Royal Rife was finally able to observe even the smallest microorganisms and pursue his second major research project, frequency therapy, further and more deeply. With the wealth of knowledge Rife had accumulated and the technologies he had developed to observe pathogenic microorganisms so closely, it is understandable that he naturally also tried to find a way to render these disease-causing organisms harmless and thus bring healing to people. So Dr. Rife continued his research, exposing pathogens to various frequencies and observing their reactions. In doing so, he discovered the so-called M.O.R. - Mortal Oscillatory Rate, which is the exact frequency that can destroy a specific organism. At that time, he was mainly doing research on polio, TB and cancer and often sat at the microscope for more than 20 hours a day until he found the right frequencies for the respective organisms to be able to kill them. You can think of it as similar to the wine glass that shatters when you make it vibrate at a very specific frequency. He achieved this with the Rife Tube he developed, a glass tube filled with plasma that could generate electromagnetic frequencies. In this way, illnesses could be alleviated, as the body was given the opportunity to come into regulation again. And this without any side effects! At most, a natural detoxification reaction of the body can occur, because when microorganisms are killed, they release toxins that they carry inside, which then have to be removed by the body. However, one can easily support the body in this process and so this is no longer a problem. Out of this time-consuming research came the Rife List, a basic collection of some frequencies discovered by Rife that match a particular germ. This list has been and is still being added to by bioenergetically working therapists and is therefore not an original list by Rife.

The BX virus - cause of cancer?

According to tradition, during his research Dr. Rife succeeded in discovering a microorganism that he could identify as a possible cause of cancer, because he found this organism in every tumor. He christened this germ BX virus. This discovery was followed by countless experiments: he infected 400 mice with the BX virus, and they were said to have always developed a tumor as a result. He then cured each animal with his frequency therapy using the plasma tube he developed.

Medical breakthrough for Dr. Rife

In 1934, a physician friend gave Rife the impetus to test his discovery on people with terminal cancer. In this regard, Dr. Rife insisted on a medical oversight committee held by 6 of the most renowned physicians of the time. The experiment went on for 70 days, looked at 16 hopeless terminal cancer patients, and was supervised and supported by the University of Southern California. According to reports, at the end of the 70 days, the committee declared 14 of 16 patients completely cured, and after only a few weeks, the last two patients were also cured of their cancer. This was probably achieved by only two 3-minute sessions per week. According to Dr. Rife, more intensive treatment would not give the body enough time for detoxication. This incredible success was not only a breakthrough for Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, but for all of medicine and the world! Fulfilling years now followed for Dr. Rife, as he traveled through many countries, presenting his invention, helping with various cancer studies, and was initially celebrated for his successes. Other doctors were now also practicing with Rife's methods, and more studies were conducted, which also showed a positive result. According to lore, the success rate of treating numerous diseases was 90%. In the 1920's Dr. Rife built the first frequency device, since that time there have been no side effects, the therapy does not cause pain or damage tissue. Success often brings envy But unfortunately also Rife had opponents, like many other great inventors of the 19th century. They were ridiculed and defamed during their lifetime, often even worse. Only after their death or much later their discoveries and inventions were recognized and integrated and today they count to the 1x1 of the medicine. Examples of this are Ignaz Semmelweis, who advocated the sterilization of surgical instruments, but was only laughed at by the surgeons of the time. Louis Pasteur discovered that germs can make people ill, but at first no one wanted to hear that either. Or Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the inventor of X-rays, which would be indispensable in medicine today, was not initially recognized for his invention. William Harvey, who discovered the human circulatory system, also encountered the same problem. Unfortunately, it has probably always been the case that the rigid views of the currently prevailing mainstream medicine initially rejected new findings and technologies and pushed them into the corner of alternative medicine. Possibly out of fear of being rejected themselves or perhaps also the worry about loss of sales was the reason for this recurring problem. This circumstance is incredibly tragic for the inventors themselves, but can mean a much greater tragedy for many sick people. Blow of fate for Dr. Rife Dr. Royal Raymond Rife met the same terrible fate. His opponents tried everything to discredit him and his inventions. Unfortunately, Rife then made the fatal mistake of giving the rights to manufacture and sell his frequency devices to the wrong company. They did not check the devices correctly as Dr. Rife had specified and this resulted in the frequency devices not working satisfactorily from time to time. This was one reason why Dr. Rife's method was no longer recognized and he was under constant media fire. This negative press led to the devaluation of Rife's discoveries and only 8 years after his great success, his opponents had achieved their goal. All of Dr. Royal Rife's previously celebrated achievements were now denied, doctors were forced to discontinue his form of therapy, and his research was denied efficacy. Dr. Rife was ultimately convicted and his laboratory, as well as most of his research, fell victim to a fire. A coincidence? Maybe! After all this misery, Rife's life's work and also his courage to live was destroyed and unfortunately he was not able to rebuild his research, especially the Rife Tube. He was still working on simpler frequency generators, now known as Rife Machines, until his death on August 11, 1971. Dr. Rife's discoveries live on However, just 9 years after his death, what could still be passed down from his research was picked up again and is still being developed today. Products marketed today under the Rife name include:
  • Plasma Lamp and Beam Ray devices.
  • Replicas of Rife microscopes
  • Rife machines: low voltage AC devices used therapeutically for electromedical stimulation.
The next great and well-known researchers in the field of frequency application were Dr. Hulda Clark, who further researched the effect of frequencies on pathogenic microorganisms and developed the first Zapper, a frequency device for home use. This was followed by naturopath Alan E. Baklayan, who developed Harmonical Frequency Procedure in over 25 years of research and revolutionized zapper technology. Today, he continues to research and develop in this field. Thus, Dr. Rife's form of therapy is still used by therapists today and also with the Diamond Shield Professional, among other things, the well-known Rife frequencies can be individually composed and applied.