How to connect the Fractal Enhancer to the Diamond Shield Zapper

Introduction Fractal Enhancer (In german with YouTube subtitles)

New breakthrough in electrical frequency procedure!

Increase effectiveness by 300 %!

For two decades, naturopath Baklayan has been researching an improvement in electric frequency procedure (the zapper). His Diamond Shield Zapper IE with automated pulse discharge, modulation, and wobble technology has a tremendous technological edge to this day and has long since established itself as a standard device for connoisseurs.

Tesla technology and free energy transfer

The idea of "free energy transfer" using Tesla technologies fascinated him ever since he first heard about it.

Earlier experiments showed hardly any results, because Tesla coils are always effective only for a very small frequency range. But inspired by the topic of "fractal antennas" he had the idea to combine them with the electric current of the zapper.


Since their discovery by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, fractals have found their way into all areas of technology, graphic design, mathematics, economics and – relevant from our point of view – medicine.

Fractals are defined as follows: in nature, everything repeats itself on smaller and smaller scales, not only in trees and crystals, but also in our vascular system, nervous system, in tissue arrangements and heart rate variability – everything follows principles that can be represented by mathematical formulas.


Without fractal antennas our cell phones would look like the picture on the left, because for each frequency range (Internet, Bluetooth, telephony, etc.) you need a separate antenna.

But the fact that our cell phones look like the picture on the right is thanks to the built-in fractal antenna.


The Fractal Enhancer

By using over 1200 fractals arranged as Tesla coils, naturopath Baklayan was able to develop an enhancer that covers all frequency ranges well.

The results were more than impressive from the first attempt.


Clockwise vortex

The enhancer also creates a dextrorotatory vortex, which causes the frequencies to penetrate 3 to 5 times deeper into the body and have their effect.


This solved a second problem of zapping at the same time: as is well known, current flows preferentially on the surface and takes the shortest path. Due to the fractal swirling, the energy penetrates into the depth.

The effect of the application triples. This is truly a new breakthrough in electric frequency procedure. This enhancement should not be missed when using the Diamond Shield Zapper from now on.

Harmonization of acupuncture points

The Harmonical Frequency Procedure was created by naturopath Baklayan calculating the exact frequency of each acupuncture point with mathematical precision. He even received a patent for this system. Thus, each acupuncture point of the body can be individually resonated with its own frequency.

The application unfolds and strengthens its beneficial effects.


Acupuncture points are local energy fields with right and left rotation

Acupuncture points are local energy fields with right and left rotation.
Furthermore, A. Baklayan discovered through his research that acupuncture points are also energy fields that have both right- and left-turning parts. The right-turning ones strengthen the vital force, while the left-turning ones weaken the fields. Through the special vortex created, the right-turning fields are explicitly strengthened. The increase in energy and vitality is immediately noticeable to everyone.


Simplicity of application

Connect enhancer in between - Done - Everything else happens automatically!

Naturopath Baklayan has achieved optimum effectiveness with gold-plated hand electrodes. However, all Diamond Shield electrodes and wrist cuffs can be used.

Summary of the new electric frequency procedure (zapper)

1. Acupuncture points are set into self-resonance. The application unfolds and strengthens their beneficial effects.
2. Fractals amplify all frequency ranges.
3. The generated vortex leads additional energy into the depth.
4. the dextrorotatory vital field of the acupuncture point is activated and strengthened.

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