Is there a vaccination side effect prophylaxis?
Many patients are - rightly - unsettled by the reports on the side effects of vaccinations. It can be assumed that in addition to the official figures of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the number of unreported cases is much higher. Between 27.12.2020 and 30.9.2021, the Paul Ehrlich Institute reports more than 172,000 registered reports of suspected cases of vaccine complications and side-effects. The European database lists a total of more than 1,250.000 cases between end of 2020 until 11.12.2021.

The fractal booster could be a possible solution.

Several users report that they used the Diamond Shield Zapper in combination with the Fractal Enhancer and the ChipCard AIM as early as two days before the vaccination date and ran it once a day from the day of the vaccination. These users unanimously report that they have not felt any vaccination side effects. While this is not a guarantee, it is an empirical observation that remains valid to this day.

Where does the possible protection come from?

Almost all vaccine reactions are known to be autoimmune reactions and/or thrombus formation.

  1. The ChipCard AIM stands for Autoimmune and is set to 0.4 volts. All frequencies of acupuncture points that are relevant for autoimmune diseases in the body are triggered. The microcurrent calms these points.
  2. The effect of the Fractal Enhancer is to convert the information into a right-spin rotation. Thus, the right-spin of these points is strongly calmed. There is a dampening of the possible reaction through the application.
  3. Microcurrents have been shown to reduce the rouleaux formation. They improve the flow properties of the blood and thus have an effective effect against thrombus formation.
Dark field image before ...
... and after zapping

The use of the Diamond Shield Zapper with the Fractal Amplifier is strongly recommended. Since the fractal amplifier improves the general effectiveness of Diamond Shield applications by 300 %, it is definitely worthwhile to use it in general as well.



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